Mallika Sherawat accused Ashmit Patel of strangulation, the actor told what happened after 20 years

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Amisha Patel's brother and actor Ashmit Patel worked in many films, but he did not get the desired success. He kept struggling in his career and even today he does not have any film. Currently Ashmit Patel is in the news for an interview, in which he has made a shocking revelation about Mallika Sherawat and the film 'Murder'. Ashmit Patel has claimed that Mallika Sherawat had hogged all the limelight during the promotion of 'Murder'. Ashmit Patel also said in a conversation with Siddharth Kannan that Mallika Sherawat understands the 'PR game' very well. She knew about it and when there was no trend of publicists in Bollywood, Mallika had a personal publicist of her own. According to Ashmit, during the promotion of 'Murder', he and Emraan Hashmi were sidelined.

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Ashmit Patel said- Emraan Hashmi and I were sidelined

Ashmit Patel then also mentioned the scene in which Mallika Sherawat almost strangled him. But when Mahesh Bhatt came, he asked the actor to apologize to Mallika. He said, 'Our marriage in the film was convenient. I tried to do method acting and tried to maintain some distance from Mallika's character. So, when she tried to resolve the dispute with me a couple of times on the set, I became a little distant. I wasn't trying to be rude, but I wasn't trying to be friendly either so that I could maintain that tension between us in person, so that it would show on camera. Maybe she didn't understand it, or maybe I should have asked her or director Anurag Basu to tell me this.'

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'Mallika said he strangled me, Mahesh Bhatt asked her to apologise'

Ashmit Patel further said, 'There was a scene in which I had to strangle her. I once asked Naseeruddin Shah how to do a strangulation scene on camera and he told me a technique. In this, it will look like you are using all your strength, but in reality you are not harming your co-star. But after the shot was cut, they made a little issue out of it. Bhatt sahab came to talk to me and asked me to apologize to Mallika. I said but I did not do anything. Let's see the monitor and if you think that I have strangled her, then I will apologize. But if not then she should apologize to me. But I did not get an apology.'

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'Murder' was released in 2004

'Murder' was an erotic thriller which was released in 2004. This film was a blockbuster. After this, while Emraan Hashmi had a line of films, Ashmit also did many films. Mallika Sherawat also kept working, but after a few years she moved away from films.

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