Lok Sabha Seats 2024: How many Lok Sabha seats in which state? These are the top 10 states including UP, Bihar, full list

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State wise Lok Sabha seats in India: The 2024 Lok Sabha election is the 18th Lok Sabha election in India. The last voting for this election process, the second longest in the country, lasted for 44 days and ended on June 1. Now the Lok Sabha results are being declared on June 4. There are a total of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, called the lower house of Parliament. The number of seats in different states and union territories is different. How many Lok Sabha seats are there in which state? Its complete list is given in this news.

What is the number of Lok Sabha seats in UP? How many Lok Sabha seats are there in Bihar? Which states have the highest number of Lok Sabha seats? Which states have the lowest number of Lok Sabha seats? The table given below will give you complete information.

Number of Lok Sabha seats in India state wise list 2024

Name of the State/UT Number of Lok Sabha seats
Uttar Pradesh 80
Maharashtra 48
West Bengal 42
Bihar 40
Tamil Nadu 39
Madhya Pradesh 29
Karnataka 28
Gujarat 26
Andhra Pradesh 25
Rajasthan 25
Odisha 21
Kerala 20
Telangana 17
Assam 14
Jharkhand 14
Punjab 13
Chattisgarh 11
Haryana 10
Delhi 7
Jammu and Kashmir 5
Uttarakhand 5
Himachal Pradesh 4
Arunachal Pradesh 2
Goa 2
Manipur 2
Meghalaya 2
mizoram 2
Tripura 2
Andaman Nicobar 1
Chandigarh 1
Dadra Nagar Haveli 1
Daman Diu 1
Ladakh 1
Lakshadweep 1
nagaland 1
Puducherry 1
Sikkim 1

One MP (Member of Parliament) is elected from each Lok Sabha seat. Who will win and who will not from a Lok Sabha seat is decided on the basis of votes cast by the voters of that Lok Sabha constituency.

Lok Sabha Seat Reservation: Reservation in Lok Sabha

Many Lok Sabha seats are also reserved. For example, Uttar Pradesh has a total of 80 Lok Sabha seats, out of which 17 are reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates. Whereas, in Maharashtra, out of 45 seats, 5 are reserved for Scheduled Caste and 4 for Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidates.

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