Lok Sabha Elections: Which three states saw maximum voting in the fourth phase? Election Commission told the voting percentage

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New Delhi : In the fourth phase of voting held on May 13, Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat of Telangana had the lowest turnout of 48.48 percent. The highest voting percentage was 87.06 percent in Ongole seat of Andhra Pradesh. In this phase, voting took place on 96 Lok Sabha seats in 10 states. The Election Commission of India said that in the fourth phase, 69.16 percent voting took place on all 96 seats. This percentage of voting turnout is slightly less than the voting in 2019. Which may be equal or may even surpass on the day of counting of votes. Because, on the day of counting, votes of such service voters, 85 plus and disabled voters will also be counted. Those who voted through ballot paper. Of the 69.16 percent, 69.58 percent were males, 68.73 percent were females and 34.23 percent were of the third gender.

Voting record made in Srinagar

Among the 96 Lok Sabha seats, Srinagar seat of Jammu and Kashmir had the lowest turnout of 38.49 percent. But if we compare the votes polled on this one seat till 1996, then after 1996, this time there was a record voting on Srinagar seat. In 1996, 40.94 percent voting took place here. In this respect the nature of Srinagar seat was different. Apart from this, the least voting took place in Hyderabad. After this, Secunderabad seat of Telangana stood at second place. Where 49.04 percent votes were cast. At the same time, maximum voting took place in two Lok Sabha seats of Andhra Pradesh. Where 87.06 percent voting took place in Ongole and 85.77 percent voting took place in Chittoor.

Highest voting took place in these three states

However, in this phase, Andhra Pradesh witnessed the highest turnout of 80.66% in 96 seats in 10 states. West Bengal stood second with 80.22 percent voting and Orissa stood third with 75.68 percent voting. The lowest turnout was in Bihar at 58.21 percent, followed by Uttar Pradesh at 58.22 percent and Maharashtra at 62.21 percent. Where there was less voting. It is noteworthy that out of 96 Lok Sabha seats of 10 states, all 17 seats of Telangana, all 25 seats of Andhra Pradesh, five of Bihar, one of Jammu and Kashmir, four of Jharkhand and eight seats of Madhya Pradesh are included for the fourth phase. Voting was held for 11 seats in Maharashtra, 10 in Odisha, four in Uttar Pradesh, 13 in Uttar Pradesh and eight in West Bengal.

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