Lok Sabha Elections: Are regional parties becoming an obstacle in the path of BJP's victory? If the exit polls are correct then this notion is also baseless!

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Exit polls have come out for the Lok Sabha elections-2024. In most exit polls, Modi government is seen being formed for the third time. Some exit polls have also confirmed the slogan of BJP crossing 400. On the other hand, all the claims of the Indy alliance seem to be failing. The most important thing in these exit polls is that BJP is not only seen wiping out the Congress but is also waving its flag on the ground of regional parties. It was believed that even if BJP succeeds in defeating Congress, regional parties will stop its victory chariot. If the exit polls prove to be correct, then BJP will break this myth. Because in the exit polls, BJP is seen leaving behind regional parties in states like Odisha, West Bengal, Delhi and Punjab.West Bengal exit polls are shocking
The exit polls of West Bengal are the most surprising. West Bengal is considered to be the stronghold of TMC. Not only is there a TMC government in the state, but TMC also dominates the Lok Sabha elections. But this time the story seems to be changing in the exit polls. BJP can perform brilliantly in Bengal. According to the exit poll of Axis My India, out of 42 seats in West Bengal, BJP can win 32 seats. At the same time, TMC can win 14 seats. Congress and Left are seen winning 2-2 seats. At the same time, in the exit poll of India News, BJP can get 21 and Trinamool 19 seats. In the exit poll of Republic Bharat, BJP has been given 21 to 25 seats. According to the exit poll of R Bangla, BJP can win 22 and TMC 20 seats. That is, most exit polls are indicating a change in the electoral wind in Bengal, which is a good sign for BJP.

In Odisha too, BJP is ahead of regional parties
Apart from Bengal, regional parties also dominate Odisha. BJD has been in power in Odisha for many decades. BJD has been ahead in assembly elections as well as Lok Sabha elections. But in the exit polls of this Lok Sabha election, BJP seems to be performing well in Odisha. In the exit poll of Axis My India, BJP is seen getting 18-20 seats out of 21 seats in Odisha. Whereas BJD seems to be limited to just 0-2 seats. Apart from this, it seems difficult for Congress to even open its account here. According to the exit poll of India TV-CNX, BJP can get 15-17 seats in Odisha, Bharat Gathbandhan 1 and BJD 4-6 seats. In the exit poll of News 24-Today's Chanakya, BJP is likely to get 16, Bharat Gathbandhan 1 and BJD 4 seats.

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BJP is again making a clean sweep in Delhi
BJP can again clean sweep all the seven seats of the capital Delhi. In many exit polls, BJP is seen winning all the seven seats of Delhi. On the other hand, the alliance of Aam Aadmi Party and Congress seems to be failing here. Before the Lok Sabha elections, Congress and AAP had decided to contest the elections together. Even after this, they could not give a tough fight to BJP. AAP has been performing well in the Delhi Assembly for the last ten years, but in the Lok Sabha elections, it seems to be unable to give a tough fight to BJP. Neither the emotional card of Kejriwal going to jail nor the support of Congress had any effect in Delhi. According to Axis My India, BJP can win 7 seats in Delhi. On the other hand, in the exit poll of News 24-Today's Chanakya, BJP can win 6 and Congress 1 seat, AAP is not even able to open its account there.

AAP's broom did not work even in Punjab
The exit polls of 13 Lok Sabha seats of Punjab have also shocked the Aam Aadmi Party. Even though the Aam Aadmi Party is in power in the Assembly, the magic of the broom did not work in the Lok Sabha. In Delhi, AAP and Congress fought the elections together, while in Punjab both fought separately. In the exit poll of Axis My India, BJP is seen getting 2-4 seats, AAP 0-2 seats and Congress 7-9 seats.

Indie alliance could not open its account in Andhra
Along with the states of North India, saffron colour is seen rising in South India as well. The exit polls of Andhra Pradesh are the most surprising. In many exit polls, NDA alliance can win 23 out of 23 seats in Andhra. Here BJP contested the election in alliance with TDP. According to India TV CNX, NDA is getting 19 to 23 seats. At the same time, YSRCP is expected to get 3-5 seats, while Indy alliance seems to be empty handed. According to the survey of ABP-C Voter, NDA is expected to get 21-24 seats in Andhra. Whereas, YSRCP is seen getting 0-4 seats and Congress also does not seem to have any chance.

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