LED bulb business will bring strong earnings, it will cost only Rs 50,000, earning is great

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Life of LED bulb is longer than that of CFL.
One bulb can be sold for Rs 100.
It costs about Rs 50 to make one bulb.

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New Delhi. You can make and sell LED bulbs yourself and earn good income from it. For this you will need an investment of Rs 50,000. In this time a normal sized business will open. You can expand it further if the business becomes successful. At present the demand for LED bulbs is also very high. If the demand is high then obviously the goods will also be sold. You can build your reputation in the market by selling it at a cheaper rate than other companies.

If you want training in making LED bulbs, you will also get it under the government scheme. Under the government's self-employment scheme, people are taught to make LED bulbs. This training is given to you by many institutes under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. LED bulb manufacturing companies can also teach you how to make LED bulbs. You can also contact these companies.

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Why demand for LED?
LED bulbs consume less power. Their lifespan is long. It is believed that a CFL can last only 8000 hours whereas an LED bulb has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. LED bulb also has more brightness. Apart from this, LED bulbs can also be recycled. LEDs do not contain mercury like CFL bulbs. Elements like lead and nickel are found in it.

How much will you earn from the business?
It takes Rs 50,000 to start LED bulb business. An LED bulb is sold in the market for Rs 100. It costs about Rs 50 to make one bulb. You get a profit of Rs 50 on every bulb. If you make and sell 100 bulbs in a day, you will earn Rs 5000 every day. In such a situation, you can earn Rs 1.50 lakh every month.

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