Kota Factory 3 Trailer: Jeetu Bhaiya is in the news again, the actor's passion for the children of Kota is amazing

Ronit Kawale
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The explosive trailer of the third season of the hit series 'Kota Factory' on OTT has been released, which looks very promising. In this series, Secretary ji, who recently won everyone's heart with 'Panchayat 3', is once again going to open eyes, especially for those children and parents who work hard to pass exams like JEE and NEET now or in the future. Crores of children of the country dream of IIT and start preparing for it and for them the top institutes in Kota work like a factory. The story is of Jeetu Bhaiya who prepares those students and is very special for the students who reach there.

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By watching this trailer, you must have understood what kind of competition is going on in the institutes of Kota regarding the competition of children. Every institute there works like a factory of students, but Jeetu Bhaiya's style of teaching and dealing with the children is different. Questions are also raised on him regarding this, for which he has a very strong answer.

'Why Jeetu Bhaiya for these kids? Why not Jeetu Sir?

He is asked- Why Jeetu Bhaiya for these children? Why not Jeetu Sir? Then Jitendra talks about the mental state of the students coming to Kota. He says, 'Madam, the thing is that everything is available for children in Kota but these people are not going just to do JEE. We forget that these people are 15-16 year old children. They have all kinds of insecurities. If the teacher scolds them then they feel bad. If a friend says something then they feel bad. These children take everything seriously. He said that taking responsibility for them is a very big thing which 'Jeetu Sir' will not be able to handle.'

Jeetu Bhaiya is seen working hard with every student

With the tension of test series and the pressure of ranking, Kota seems like a factory where students are trained. But Jeetu Bhaiya's philosophy is a little different. He cares about the students and he works hard with each of his students as Jeetu Bhaiya and he has only one principle – don't say dreams, say goals. Dreams are seen and goals are achieved. This series is going to be released on Netflix on June 20.

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