Know about Pradeep Gupta of Axis My India, whose exit polls are watched by all

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New Delhi: The exit polls for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be released this evening. Whenever there is talk of exit polls of any election in the country, the name of 'Axis My India' comes first. Its exit polls are generally considered to be the most accurate. The well-known strategist behind this exit poll is Pradeep Gupta. Pradeep Gupta is the chairman and managing director of Access My India. Pradeep Gupta is the person whose exit polls and election estimates are watched by everyone. Today we are telling you about this Pradeep Gupta.

There is a deep connection with Jabalpur
Pradeep Gupta has a deep connection with Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. He was born in Jabalpur itself. Pradeep Gupta's father was a freedom fighter. Since childhood, he had a passion for learning new things. His classmates and teachers saw a different passion in him. He used to solve even the most difficult math problems very easily. He had a special interest in mathematical equations and data analysis. He completed his studies in Printing Technology from Kala Niketan College, Jabalpur. After this, he studied Business Management from Harvard Business School Boston.

Studied at Harvard Business School
Pradeep Gupta was always eager to learn since his student days. His teachers and classmates saw a different brilliance in him. He used to solve complex math problems even while sleeping. Gradually, his interest in education increased so much that Pradeep Gupta completed his studies in Printing Technology from Kala Niketan College, Jabalpur and his education journey ended with the study of Business Management from Harvard Business School, Boston.

Exit polls are accurate in 59 out of 63 elections
Pradeep decided to pursue his interest in data analysis as a career. He founded Axis My India in 1998 as a printing and publishing company. In 2013, Axis My India also started working in the field of consumer research and election results prediction. His colleague from Jabalpur, Mukesh Kabra, supported him in this entire work. Today Pradeep Gupta is the most famous election analyst in the country. Through Axis My India, he has correctly predicted 59 out of 63 elections. The success rate of his exit polls is 94 percent. Even today the whole country is waiting for his exit polls.

Pradeep Gupta not only helped people understand elections in India, but he also wrote several important books. His books 'How India Votes and What It Means', 'Modi@20', 'Blueprint for an Economic Miracle' and 'Who Gets Elected, How and Why?' are quite popular.

Case study on exit poll of Haryana elections
Since 2013, Axis My India has been releasing exit polls for almost every election. These are considered to be the most accurate. The exit polls for the 2019 general election and the Haryana assembly election also became the subject of a case study at Harvard Business School. When the Haryana state elections were about to end in 2019, Gupta found that his team's forecast about the election result was completely different from all other election survey companies. Shocked by this, he asked for another day to verify his data. While reviewing his team's analysis (which was confirmed by another round of interviews in the last 24 hours), Gupta began to wonder whether he should publish these figures or make slight changes to avoid controversy. But when the results came, his exit polls turned out to be correct.

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