Kiran Rao was in a live-in relationship with Aamir Khan for a year, said- we got married under pressure from our parents

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Kiran Rao married Aamir Khan in the year 2005 and they got divorced in 2021. The director of 'Missing Ladies' has talked about divorce and relationship with Aamir in many interviews till now. Now recently he once again talked about this and made a new revelation. Kiran Rao told that before marriage she and Aamir were in a live-in relationship for a year. She also revealed that she had married under pressure from her parents. While talking to the YouTube channel of 'She The People', Kiran Rao admitted that marriage is a beautiful thing, but people ignore it. Women in these situations often have less time as they are expected to maintain the home and relationships with their husbands' family.

Lived together for a year, got married because of parents

Kiran Rao said, 'Aamir and I lived together for a year before marriage and to be honest, we did it because of our parents and everything else… and even at that time (live- In these) we also knew that if you can be a couple as well as maintain your own identity.

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Kiran Rao said this about marriage!

Kiran further said, 'I think how you take marriage, how you understand it, is very important because it was for an important purpose and then social acceptance matters to a lot of people. It matters for children. Marriage gives you a lot of good things. It gives you a new family, it gives you relationships and it gives you a sense of security and stability.'


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'Expectations from women, pressure on them'

Kiran Rao then talked about the burden of responsibilities on a woman in marriage and said that a woman is always expected to work as well as keep the entire household together. He said, 'Women have a lot of responsibility to run the house and keep the family united. Women are expected to keep in touch with their in-laws. Women are expected to be friendly with their husband's family. These are a lot of expectations. And I think there needs to be a discussion to be able to deal with it.

Was Kiran Rao afraid of divorce?

Kiran Rao divorced Aamir Khan after 21 years. When asked if she ever felt afraid of divorce, Kiran Rao said that she took a lot of time to think about it and hence did not feel any fear. Kiran said that she and Aamir are still connected and love each other. This thing has not changed even after divorce.

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