Kiara spoke artificial English in France, people took class, asked- Are you ashamed of your language?

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Bollywood actress Kiara Advani looked very beautiful on the red carpet of Cannes. Many of his pictures and videos have surfaced from there. But after a video of Kiara went viral online, everyone is talking about it. After the walk, Kiara spoke to the media and adopted a completely artificial approach. She looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder pink and black gown with a statement bow, but her accent ruined the mood. Seeing Kiara speaking like this, people are trolling her badly. Kiara Advani was one of six women to be honored at the Red Sea International Film Festival and Vanity Fair Europe dinner on Saturday on the sidelines of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival in France. Were.

This video of Kiara went viral

While walking the red carpet, Kiara shared her excitement on arriving at the event. Speaking about it he started off and said, 'It's awesome. It's now going to be a decade of my career, so it's a very special moment. I am very grateful to be here in Cannes for the first time and to be honored by the Red Sea Foundation for Women in Cinema.

Kiara Advani got trolled badly

However, as soon as it was revealed online that Kiara Advani speaks English, she faced a lot of criticism. Many people accused Kiara of showing herself as fake. One wrote: 'I love her but why that accent?' One fan asked, 'Indian accent is not bad or offensive in any way, so why don't these people just adopt it and ruin the whole thing.' Then one said, 'In comparison to this, they should have used their own language.'

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Will Kiara speak on this?

The 'Women in Cinema Gala' is one of the many high-profile events of the Cannes Film Festival, which brings together talent from around the world every year. This year many Indian celebrities walked the red carpet. Now it remains to be seen whether Kiara will give any reaction on this video after it goes viral or not.

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