Kareena Kapoor's son Jeh sometimes cried loudly and sometimes kept staring at the paparazzi with big eyes, video went viral

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More than Kareena Kapoor, her children grab the limelight. Earlier, the actress used to be in the news due to the cuteness of Taimur. At the same time, now she remains in the news due to the carelessness of her younger son Jeh aka Jehangir. Now the same has happened once again. Two videos of Jeh have surfaced, in which he is seen in different moods. In one he is crying and in the other he is staring at the paparazzi. After watching which people are able to relate to him. In the first video shared from the account of paparazzi Viral Bhayani, Kareena Kapoor is seen coming out of the house with her two sons and their caretaker and sitting in the car. During this, Jeh is crying loudly. As if he does not feel like going or he has been scolded. Kareena is asking him to go fast. At the same time, Taimur is walking ahead like a king son with a red bag on his back.

People are crazy about Kareena's son Jeh

Now after watching this video, people wrote that if we send him to school on Sunday, he will definitely cry. At the same time, a user said, 'It does not matter… whether the mother is a celebrity or a middle class person… it is the most difficult and emotional time for all mothers when they send a crying child to play school.' One wrote, 'He does not want to study…' At the same time, some called Jeh a cute child.

Kareena's son Jeh kept staring at the media

In the second video, Kareena was seen returning home with son Jeh. During this, Jeh was wearing different clothes and he was staring at the media badly. Till he went inside the house, he kept looking at the paps with open eyes and everything was captured on camera. When the video surfaced, people again reacted. One user wrote, 'Aa gaya school se.' One wrote, 'He is staring at people who don't look at my mother.' One said, 'The way Jeh baba is staring at the paps is very funny.'

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