Kangana Ranaut got angry over the attack on Raveena Tandon, said- in such a situation she could have been murdered

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Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is in the news. She was accused of running her car over an elderly woman in Mumbai and assaulting her while being drunk. The video of this entire incident also surfaced, after which the Mumbai Police issued a statement and dismissed all the allegations. Now, meanwhile, actress Kangana Ranaut has given her opinion on this whole matter. Let's know what she has said. Now actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut has jumped into this controversy. She has expressed her reaction on the whole matter while supporting Raveena Tandon.

Raveena Tandon did not beat the elderly woman, the truth came out from CCTV footage, false allegations were made against the actress!
Mumbai Police's statement in Raveena Tandon assault case- Actress was not drunk, no one complained

'He could have been beaten to death'

Kangana Ranaut News

37-year-old Kangana wrote on Instagram story, 'Whatever happened to Raveena Tandon ji is very worrying. If there were 5-6 more people in that group, they would have beaten her to death. We condemn such incidents of road rage. Those people should be reprimanded. They should not get away with such violence and misbehavior.'

Raveena Tandon's video went viral

Suddenly a video of Raveena Tandon started going viral on social media. In this video, she was seen saying, 'Don't hit me.' After watching this video, it was claimed that the actress was drunk and she ran her car over the woman, after which people surrounded her.

Mumbai Police issued a statement

After this, a statement was issued by Mumbai Police, in which it was said that the CCTV footage was examined, which clearly shows that Raveena did not trample anyone. She was also not drunk. No case has been filed by any party.

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