Kandahar attack linked to Moscow terror attack! A video of the blast surfaced

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The suicide attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan seems to be connected to the terrorist attack in Moscow, the capital of Russia. A video of this suicide attack in front of the bank has surfaced, in which the attacker of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) is seen blowing himself up with explosives. Taliban claims that this attacker was also from Uzbekistan.

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In fact, last week there was a suicide attack in front of Kabul Bank in Kandahar, Afghanistan, when hundreds of government employees had reached the bank to collect their salaries. At least 30 people were killed and many were injured in this suicide attack. During the investigation, a video of this suicide attack has come to light.

Explosion occurred when employees were taking salary
It is clearly visible in this video that the suicide bomber reaches inside the bank carrying a bag full of explosives. On the other side of the glass, a large number of government employees are busy collecting their salaries. Meanwhile, the attacker sits down with a bag full of explosives and then blows himself up by turning on the suicide button of his belt along with the explosives attached to his body.

The Taliban government of Afghanistan issued a statement on the ongoing investigation in this matter, saying that the attack was carried out by the terrorist organization IS and the attacker was Asadbek Madiyarov, a native of Uzbekistan, who received higher education in St. Petersburg.

According to the Taliban's claim, this attacker was recruited in the year 2021 and after that he was sent to the Khorasan module of the Islamic State to carry out a major crime. The Taliban is investigating whether this attacker was previously present with the Moscow attackers. During the investigation, it is coming to light that the attackers had taken training from pro-Pakistani groups.

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