Kajol's avatar at friend's party, Mrs. Devgan is 49 years old yet it is a crime to look like this

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Successful career- ✔, Bank balance of crores- ✔, Happy family- ✔, Back to back work offers- ✔, Beauty increasing with age- ✔, Strong hold on fashion- ✔, but the list does not end here. Kajol is such an actress, who has shaped her life in such a way on the basis of her dedication and love for life that even young actors are jealous of her.

Kajol knows how to live life to the fullest and make ageing just a number and this is what inspires others to live life to the fullest. The latest example of this feeling is her look, which was seen at a friend's birthday party and fans showered a lot of love on its pictures. (All photos: Instagram@kajol)

Novelty seen in the selection of clothes

On one hand, where women start imposing some restrictions on their clothes after crossing the age of 30, Kajol is seen adding a new twist to her look every time. This time too the situation was no different.

The super talented actress opted for a fusion touch outfit for Karan's birthday party which looked amazing on her curvy figure and was giving goals to other women too.

Colors scattered on white and Kajol smiling

Kajol wore a white based outfit with a ruched and flared patterned skirt at the bottom. Along with this, she wore a fitted white round neckline top with floral work on it.

On top of this, Kajol wore a shrug decorated with multicolour prints, which enhanced her look even more. Its free pattern was successful in enhancing the style.

The whole combination was such that along with Kajol’s cheerful smile, it was giving a sunshine like effect to her aura.

Cute pout and minimal jewellery

Cute pout and minimal jewellery

With this super fashionable look, Kajol kept her makeup and jewellery minimal. The actress gave red colour to her pout with a nude base. As accessories, she chose stylish big hoops.

The shoe selection also surprised me

The shoe selection also surprised me

As women grow older, they get used to sober and somewhat boring footwear, but Kajol is the exact opposite. This time her sneakers with chunky heels have become a perfect example of this.

No woman of this age can dare to wear such shoes. And this is what makes Kajol different and bold from others.

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