'Jhansi Ki Rani' fame Ulka Gupta said- I want to play the character of actresses like Madhubala, Meena Kumari.

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Ulka Gupta, who started her career as a child artist, rose to fame with the serial 'Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmibai'. These days he is in the news for his new serial 'Main Hoon Saath Tere'. In this show she plays the role of a single mother. A conversation with him.

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Ulka, who has played different characters on TV, was away from the small screen for some time. Explaining the reason for this, she says, 'Yes, it is true that I took a break from TV for some time, because I wanted to explore myself. What new can I do as an actress? I am happy that I have got the opportunity to play the character of a strong woman of today's times in 'Main Hoon Saath Tere'. This is not the first time that I have played regular common characters apart from historical characters which are not full of that kind of heroism, so I consider myself lucky that I have got the opportunity to do all kinds of characters.

There are no less masculine characters in films too.

Regarding the regressive shows made on TV, she says, 'I know that TV is accused of making stereo type and backward thinking shows about women, but I did not become a part of such shows. Be it films or TV, all types of content are created everywhere. You get to see masculine characters in films too, but as an actress I have always played strong characters. Be it 'Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmibai' or Banni Chav Home Delivery and now my new show Main Hoon Saath Tere talks about today's progressive era, where a single mother tries to find a partner with her young child. . , When I agreed to this show, many people doubted that I was too young to play the role of a mother, but this maternal feeling was quite challenging for me as an actress.

I would like to play a heroine

Regarding her dream role, she says, 'If I get a chance to play the role of a heroine, I will be very grateful. Madhubala, Meena Kumari or Waheeda Rehman. Apart from these great actresses, Savitri was a famous South Indian actress, I would like to play her character. Savitri was not only a famous actress of South but also a producer and singer. She was one of the heroines who received the highest prize money in the fifties and sixties. Apart from being an excellent actress, she was also adept in social service.

Sometimes things are imposed on girls

Ulka, who plays the lead female character, says about the problems of girls, 'The biggest problems of girls come from our family and our society. We are a developing country and a lot is changing, people's mindset is changing. There have been many empowered women in our history, but there were many other areas where empowerment was needed. Like being self-reliant. The good thing is that today women are determined to make their dreams come true. But in this matter her challenges have increased a lot, because she is managing her family and responsibilities and is also fulfilling her dreams. Many times our family imposes many things on us.

Women rule on TV

Regarding gender inequality, she says, 'I come from a lower middle class family, which has reached here on my own, but I consider myself very lucky that my parents supported me and my brother. Good distance has been maintained between them. Never discriminated. We both got equal restrictions and freedom, so I never felt that I was inferior, but I saw a lot of discrimination against girls in the society around me. I am glad that women rule the entertainment world, especially on TV. Our television is female-dominated and I am a part of it.

Coming to see a girl at a wedding makes one feel very inferior.

Talking about the humiliating moments she faced as a girl, she says, 'I have never been directly looked down upon, but I have seen girls around me go through humiliation many times. Now you see, whenever it comes to marriage, the boys come to see the girl. Come to investigate. Boys' families want a girl with all the virtues. However, it is the girl who continues to make sacrifices for her in-laws even after leaving her family. They are given the least credit for their sacrifices. They give up their body after giving birth to a child.

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