Jayan, the first action star of Malayalam cinema, had made a record of doing 32 films in a year, people used to worship him.

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In WoW Wednesday, the story of a superstar of Malayalam cinema, whose films were crowded in theaters to watch. On the basis of his personality, action and acting, this actor achieved such a position in Malayalam cinema that everyone kept watching. This was actor Jayan, who was the first successful action superstar of Malayalam cinema. In the early 2000s, Jayan's craze grew so much that his superhero image started being used in everything from cartoons to emails. They did 32 films together, which is a record in Malayalam cinema. In front of Jayan's stardom, the stardom of stars like Rajinikanth and Prem Nazir had also faded. Jayan was an actor who liked to do his own stunts in films. Tremendous action, amazing dialogues and amazing personality made Jayan the most successful action star of Malayalam cinema. People worshiped Jayan and did not miss even a single film of his. His stardom was such that even today no actor has been able to match Jayan.

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Real name was Krishnan Iyer, served in the Indian Navy for 16 years

Jayan's real name was Krishnan Nair. He was in the Indian Navy and left it to join films. Jai used to act in annual programs during his stay in the Indian Navy. From there, Jayan became interested in acting and then with the encouragement of his friends, he came into films. He served in the Indian Navy for 16 years.

Malayalam cinema's first action superstar who dominated with negative roles

Jayan entered films in the seventies. Initially he did some films in which he did not get any credit. But he became famous with the film 'Panchami' released in 1976. In this, Jayan played the role of a forest ranger. After this, in the year 1978, he did 32 films together, which is a record. Not only this, from 1977 to 1980 he had done about 97 films. But the film that truly made Jayan a superstar and gave him a place in the hearts of the audience was the 1979 film 'Sarpancharam'. In this film, he played the role of a villain, which was liked very much by the audience. This was the first time that people showered so much love on an actor after seeing him in the role of a villain. He did many films one after the other, in which he acted as himself. Jayan was called the first action superstar of Malayalam cinema.

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Jayan used to do stunts himself in his films

Jayan's 'Sarpancharam' broke all box office records of the Malayalam film industry and became the highest grossing film of 1979. His stardom was on the rise. People became crazy about his dressing, mannerisms and macho personality. Jayan was a star who would perform the most dangerous stunts and action scenes himself. In some films, he would jump from one train to another and fight elephants in some. His arrival also overshadowed the charm of actor Prem Nazir. He was the top star of Malayalam cinema at that time and had entered the Guinness Book of World Records four times.


Jayan lost his life during this stunt, photo: x.com

Did his own stunt in the climax and lost his life

But on 16 November 1980, Jayan died while performing action on the sets of the Malayalam film Kolilakkam. In the climax scene, Jayan had to sit on the back of a bike with his co-star and hang above the helicopter which had taken off. The makers wanted to use a body double for this scene, but Jayan remained adamant on his insistence and he had to pay the price of his insistence with his life. Fans started crying on Jayan's death. There was silence everywhere.

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