Janhvi Kapoor has a habit of picking up things without asking, if your child also does this then these are the ways to deal with it

Ananya Shroff
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Take action immediately

If you know that your child has done something like this, then you should take action immediately. Do not wait for any proof. Because many times we are unable to prove that our child is not a thief. Especially when the child lies, do not trust him in such a situation.

Tell the child the facts

Tell your child by giving an example that if he takes money from your purse without telling you, then you will not be able to give him money when he needs it. If the child has done something like this, then reduce his playing video games and ask him for the money back.

Accept the child's mistake

Accept the child's mistake

The child's mistake should be accepted as soon as possible. Because if the child steals and runs away, it is an even bigger problem. To make the child reveal the truth, you can tell him – “I don't know for sure whether you did this or not, but I strongly suspect that you did it. If I am wrong, I am sorry, but what I have said is the truth.”

Keep an eye on the baby

Keep an eye on the baby

If your child has developed a habit of stealing, you should keep an eye on him every moment. You should know where he goes, with whom he plays, who his friends are and how they are. If the child is in bad company, then there will be a greater possibility of him stealing. Try to keep him away from such friends.

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seek counseling

seek counseling

Children who witness daily fights at home develop the habit of stealing and lying. If your child has started stealing, you can seek the help of a counselor to get rid of this bad habit.

As a parent, you should tell your children of all age groups about the laws related to shoplifting or theft. Let them know that stealing is not only a bad thing but they can also go to jail for doing so.

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