Is Guru Randhawa really dating Shehnaaz Gill? Singer broke his silence, said- I am enjoying

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Guru Randhawa and Shehnaaz Gill have been in the news for the last one year due to their relationship rumors. A song of the two came out and since then they started talking about each other. If their reels were seen together, people would speculate that something is going on between them. Earlier, the actress's name was linked to Raghav Juyal and both of them reacted to it. Now Guru Randhawa has broken his silence about this. Actually, Guru Randhawa is enjoying these speculations and the attention it brings. In an interview to 'Hindustan Times', the singer said, 'I love it when people talk about my dating life.' He said smilingly, 'Fans connect me with beautiful girls from all over the world

Names associated with Shahnaz and Guru Randhawa

The rumours started last year with the release of their first music video, a romantic track titled Moonrise, which fuelled dating speculations. The buzz intensified when Guru Randhawa attended the screening of Shehnaaz's film 'Thank You For Coming' and they posed together on the red carpet. In January this year, their second single, 'Sunrise' was released, leading to even more speculations. Their Instagram reels also leave fans wondering about their relationship status.

Guru Randhawa said that he is single

Guru Randhawa has not said anything about his relationship with Shehnaaz, but he is happy with the ongoing rumours. He said, 'I want people to keep doing this for me, keep talking about my love life. Even though I am not dating anyone right now, but because of that news, I may start dating someone soon.' He further said, 'If a girl is reading this interview, then I am single. But if there is a boy reading, then I am ready for it.

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