IPL 2024: RCB is worried due to India's defeat in the World Cup 2023, will Virat's dream be broken again?

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New Delhi. Royal Challengers Bangalore have reached the play-offs with 6 consecutive wins. Now he faces Rajasthan Royals in the eliminator match, who have not got a single win in the last five matches. So should it be assumed that the path to Bengaluru is easy? Will Bengaluru, riding on the Vijayarath, move ahead in the journey with another win? The form and record of the team says this. But the law of averages is the opposite. The law of averages in cricket can be understood in simple words that no team can neither win continuously nor lose continuously. The most accurate example of this is India's defeat in the final of the World Cup 2023 played 6 months ago.

When Royal Challengers Bangalore lost their eighth match in IPL 2024, many cricket pundits ruled them out of the playoff race. And why not? Bangalore had reached the last position in the points table in those days. But Bangalore made the strongest comeback in IPL history by winning 6 consecutive matches and made it to the playoffs. That too by defeating five-time champions Chennai Super Kings in a do or die match.

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RCB now has to face Rajasthan Royals in the eliminator match on Wednesday. RCB fans are very excited before this match. One reason for this is that RR has lost four consecutive matches. The last match of Rajasthan Royals was also canceled due to rain. Rajasthan Royals won the last match on 27 April. Now after 25 days, when it will enter the field, it will be in front of Virat Kohli's team riding on the Vijayrath.

When India lost the final after 10 consecutive wins
Cricket pundits believe that Royal Challengers Bangalore have the upper hand against Rajasthan Royals. But the law of averages can also create fear in the minds of Bengaluru fans. This fact will still be fresh in the minds of cricket lovers that India had made it to the finals in the World Cup 2023 by winning 10 consecutive matches. India has already defeated Australia in the tournament, whom it faced in the World Cup final. All the equations, forms, records were calling for India's victory. But it is said that you cannot win every game. The Indian team lost to Australia in the final of the World Cup. All records remained safe.

Bengaluru needs to be cautious
When Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals face each other, this will definitely be on their mind. Royal Challengers Bangalore need to be cautious. Even though he has won 6 consecutive matches, he will have to start from zero in the eliminator match. The rule of cricket or any sport is that even if you have won the previous match, you start from zero in the next match. This would also be boosting the morale of Rajasthan Royals. Now it remains to be seen whether Royal Challengers Bangalore continues its victory march on Wednesday or Rajasthan Royals ends its losing streak and moves ahead.

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