Interview: Now we have to behave the way children want – Shefali Shah

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale - Senior Editor
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You are working on TV, cinema and now OTT. What do you think has changed in the life of an actor with the changing mediums?
Earlier, in cinema, the focus was only on one hero and one heroine. All other actors were ignored. All the characters were identified according to their relationship with the hero and heroine, like the hero's mother, the hero's friend, etc. But with the advent of OTT, entire shows, series or films are being made in which the entire cast is strong and is like the main characters of the show. Because of them, many actors like me have got work. This is important for all actors because now our work can be seen internationally as well.What changes have come for female artists in the era of TV, cinema and now OTT?
Today, many stories are being told from the perspective of women and about women. The earlier stereotypes about women are breaking, which is a very good thing. Just as society and the lives of all of us are progressing, cinema, TV and OTT are also developing in the same way. Earlier also many films were women-centric, like Aradhana, Abhimaan or Aandhi. Then came a period when heroines became mere assistants of the hero. Now that period is starting again, where every actress has equal importance and sometimes she is in a more important role than the actor.

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But has the time come today when an actress can say herself that she will do this project and not this one?
I have always done what I wanted to do. It is a personal choice of people and I have always made this choice. There were some films in which if I had been in them, I would have been more famous. But that subject did not touch my heart so I did not do it. So this choice is always mine and today we are in a time when we can do this.

Nowadays, there is a decrease in the number of viewers in cinemas, experts say that this is the effect of OTT. What do you think about this?
There will definitely be an impact because when a film is released in theatres, some people think that they will watch it on OTT after a few weeks. But in our country, going to the theatre and watching a film is a culture. Go with the whole family, eat samosas, laugh together and enjoy the film, so there is not going to be any change in this. But yes, OTT will definitely have an impact. There are many films after watching which the audience says that I will watch this film only on the big screen. So there is not going to be any change in this.

Shefali Shah

The world is changing. So do your children ever suggest to you that mother, you should do a particular character or story?
Earlier it used to be that children had to be taught. They should behave the way we want. But now it has become the opposite. Now we have to behave the way children want. Actually, we also grow up with children. Our opinions may differ on many things but the basic values ​​are the same, they are in the right place. There are many things about which children say that this will not work, this can change etc.

Shefali Shah

You have made a big place in the industry with your work, so is there any character or story that you want to do?
There is still a lot to do. I am working on it. I would love to be a part of historical stories. I also want to write biographies.

If you have come to Delhi, then what memories of Delhi are associated with you and what things about Delhi inspire you?
I have two important memories related to Delhi. One is my National Award and the other is the shooting of Delhi Crimes. It is one of my favourite shows. We shot the entire show in Delhi. And one of my very close friends is also from Delhi. I love coming here. Talking about food, not only Bollywood people but everyone likes Delhi food. But it would not be right to say that only Delhi inspires me. I think people inspire me more than places, so all the people I have met are amazing people.

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