Indian soldiers defeated Chinese soldiers in this battle, video surfaced

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Indian soldiers have once again demonstrated their strength and defeated Chinese soldiers. This victory was not achieved in a battle on the border but on the sports field. Indian soldiers deployed in Sudan, Africa under the United Nations Peace Mission defeated Chinese soldiers in a tug of war competition. This exciting match has been captured in the video, in which the victory celebration of Indian soldiers can be clearly seen.

This match took place in a friendly atmosphere, but both teams tried their best to win. Indian soldiers defeated the Chinese team by demonstrating their physical strength and teamwork. Now this video is going viral on social media. People are commenting that Indian soldiers are not only brave on the battlefield, but can also show their strength on the sports field. An army officer said that this match between the two countries was very exciting. Indian soldiers defeated Chinese soldiers.

UN peacekeeping missions play a vital role in maintaining international peace and security. The goal of UN peacekeeping missions is to establish and maintain peace in countries or regions in conflict. These missions are manned by voluntarily contributed soldiers and policemen from member states. However, they face many challenges that require continued support and cooperation by the international community.

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