In summer, boiling water is coming from the tank kept on the roof, with these measures you will get absolutely cold water

Ananya Shroff
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The havoc of the sun is increasing in summer, the temperature has reached 45 degrees in many cities. Now it is not easy to bear the scorching sun, in such a situation one cannot stay without bathing. But due to the sun and heat, the water in the tank kept on the roof becomes very hot. Due to which, let alone bathing, there is a problem even in washing hands. Apart from this, there is also a problem in doing kitchen work because no work can be done without water.

Problems like heat rash and heat stroke can occur after bathing in hot water in the sun. If you are also facing this problem, then now you do not need to worry. Because we are telling you some tricks to keep the water in the tank cool. With the help of these, whenever you open the tap, you will get cold water. Not only this, the water in the tank will not get hot even at 45 degrees.

cover with thermocol

Thermocol is a good insulator that prevents the outside temperature from reaching inside the tank. Therefore, using thermocol around the tank helps in keeping the water cool. In fact, the thermocol layers do not absorb heat, keeping the water temperature controlled for a longer period of time.

For this, cover the tank completely with thermocol. You will get thin thermocol of less than 10 mm at any stationery shop. Stick it around the tank with the help of tape. If you want, you can also cover the lid of the tank with thermocol.

Use light colors to your advantage

To keep the water tank cool, you can also choose light coloured paint. For this, you have to apply light coloured paint on the tank. Actually, dark colours absorb heat quickly. Due to which the tank gets heated quickly. Therefore, you can apply light coloured paint on the tank. This will neutralise the sunlight on the tank.

Use of jute

Use of jute

To keep the water tank cool, you can cover it with a thick cloth. Due to the cloth, the sunlight will not fall directly on the tank, due to which the water will not heat up. For this, you have to make a tank cover by sewing the cloth together according to the size of the tank. This method not only keeps the water cool but also increases the life of the tank. Because it protects the tank from the harmful rays of the sun.

Keep the tank out of direct sunlight

Keep the tank out of direct sunlight

Keeping the tank on the roof in summer heats up the water, so you can change the location of the water tank. If you do not have a cement tank, then this solution is possible. For this, choose a shady place, so that sunlight will not fall on the tank and the water temperature will remain low for a long time.

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