Imran Khan built a luxurious villa between the jungle and the mountain, your eyes will be wide open after seeing the inside view

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Actor Imran Khan has built such a beautiful house in the middle of the forest that you will be surprised to see it. Surprised because this beautiful and luxurious villa has been designed by Imran Khan himself. The actor may have been away from films for many years, but he often remains in the news. Along with sharing the pictures of his house, Imran has told that he chose everything from the site of the house to the interior and he also decided himself what will be where and how. Imran Khan's house is really very beautiful and fans are commenting a lot on the pictures. But a user was surprised that where did Imran Khan get the money for this, because he is not even doing films. But the actor silenced him with his answer and won the hearts of the fans. Imran wrote, 'I did some films in the 2000s.'

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Imran Khan reveals how he designed the villa

Imran Khan shared pictures of the luxurious villa on his Instagram account and wrote, “So… one of the things I did in the last few years was building a house. Though I have played an architect in a few films, one can't really pretend to have any training or expertise. But I love building and learning things.”

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Imran's house is a place where he decides everything himself

Imran further wrote, 'I chose this site because it is amazing. Surrounded by two rivers and resting right below the cliff… and the sunset is right in front. I understood that it would be better to design the house according to the landscape. My intention was not to build a luxurious holiday villa, but to create something that is inspired by the landscape. The house does not mean just a view, it is a shelter from where you can admire nature.'

Imran Khan's house photo
Imran Khan House

For the first year I worked on sketches, observing changes in the weather

Imran told how he started building the house and how he did everything. He further wrote, 'In the first year, I visited the site at different times and observed the sunrise and sunset, the flow of waterfalls during the rains and the changing leaves during the seasons. This gave me a basis from which I could revise my work and also work on the sketches.'


The villagers built villas in the classic style

He further wrote, 'After consulting my contractor and a structural engineer, I decided to forgo the idea of ​​building a concrete slab. Instead, I followed the traditional method used to build houses in nearby villages. Stone platforms for the base, single-storey brick walls, steel roof beams and pre-fabricated insulated roof sheets. That was it.'

How much did Imran Khan have to pay for the villa?

Imran Khan also revealed how much it cost him to build this villa. He wrote that it cost me less than the price I paid for the already built villas… whose advertisements I keep seeing all over the area. I wonder where the markup goes?

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