'Impact' player revealed at the time of toss, Ganguly said – in his favour…

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Sourav Ganguly is the Director of Cricket of Delhi Capitals Ganguly demanded to increase the size of the boundary

New Delhi. Players and coaches have different opinions about the impact player rule in IPL. Many players including Rohit Sharma are against this rule, while Sourav Ganguly has supported it. Delhi Capitals' Director of Cricket Sourav Ganguly is in favor of continuing this rule in IPL. However, he wants the team to decide its 'impact' player at the time of toss. After the recently concluded IPL season, there was a lot of discussion about the 'impact' player rule because in this phase, scores of more than 250 runs were made eight times.

Former BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said that he wants the boundary of the field to be increased in the upcoming season of IPL. The former Indian captain said, “I like the impact player rule. In IPL, I just want that the field should be made a little bigger for this. The boundary line should be increased a little.” Ganguly said on the sidelines of an event in Kolkata on Saturday, “This is a great tournament. With the impact player rule, all you can do is decide it before the toss. You will need skill and strategy to reveal before the toss. But I am in favor of the impact player rule.”

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'He is only 23 years old'
Prithvi Shaw's performance in this IPL season was not so good, but Ganguly says that he is still young and is learning the tricks of the shorter format. According to Sourav Ganguly, 'He (Shaw) is very young. He is only 23 years old. He is still learning how to play T20 cricket. He has amazing talent and he will keep getting better. Sometimes we start expecting a lot from everyone in advance and looking at Prithvi's skills, I am confident that he will perform well.'

'I've always said he's a special player'
Ganguly said that wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant has started playing like he did before the car accident in 2022. He said, 'He was brilliant for us (Delhi Capitals) in the IPL, so I am happy to see the way he made a comeback. I have always said that he is a special player.' Pant is making a comeback in Team India for the first time after the road accident. He has returned to the IPL after about 15 months.

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