IMD gave good news on monsoon, know when the first rains of monsoon will reach your state.

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New Delhi: For the last few days, Delhi NCR and surrounding states have been experiencing severe heat. The situation is that the hot winds blowing after 10 o'clock in the day do not stop till evening. Due to which it has become difficult to get out of the house during the day. However, amidst this scorching heat, monsoon is bringing relief rains. Recently the Meteorological Department has given a good news regarding monsoon. The Meteorological Department said that this time monsoon may arrive before time. According to IMD, monsoon may arrive in Kerala on the first of June. However, the Meteorological Department said that monsoon may arrive four days earlier or four days later. According to which this time monsoon is going to arrive from 28th May to 3rd June.

When will monsoon reach which state?

The Meteorological Department has given the probable date of arrival of monsoon in other states including Kerala. According to which, monsoon may arrive in Bihar by 16th June, in West Bengal by 13th June and in Uttar Pradesh by 29th June. See full list here

State Expected date of arrival of monsoon
Kerala 1 June
Tamil Nadu 1 June
Karnataka 1 June
Andhra Pradesh 5th June
Odisha 10 June
West Bengal 13 June
Sikkim 15th June
Jharkhand 16 June
Bihar 16 June
Chattisgarh 16 June
Madhya Pradesh 16 June
Gujarat 19 June
Rajasthan 29 June
Uttar Pradesh 29 June
Himachal Pradesh 2 July
Jammu and Kashmir 2 July
Punjab 2 July
Haryana 2 July
Delhi 2 July
Chandigarh 2 July

There will be more rain this monsoon

According to the Meteorological Department, this year the monsoon is going to be better than normal. Actually, this year there may be more rainfall than average in monsoon. All this will happen due to La Nina effect. Actually, when the air pressure on the surface of the eastern Pacific Ocean region is low, a situation is created which is called La Nina. When such a situation arises, the sea surface temperature drops significantly. Which affects the temperature around the world. This year, the effect of La Nina will be visible in India from June itself. Due to La Nina, the possibility of more rain and colder than average also increases. La Niña can last from nine months to a year.

Effect of heat wave in Delhi-Rajasthan till May 23

It is extremely hot in Delhi these days. While the temperature had crossed 46 degrees on Saturday, Najafgarh in Delhi was the hottest on Sunday. The temperature here had crossed 47 degrees. The Meteorological Department has also not given any relief news on the heat. According to the Meteorological Department, the effect of heat web will be visible in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan for the next three days i.e. till May 23.

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