If you want to return to job after celebrating Holi in Bihar then catch this train, note the schedule

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Report-Rajkumar Singh
Vaishali. Holi festival ended happily. Now he is ready to return to his job. In view of the huge crowd of passengers in Bihar, dozens of Holi special trains have been run for this place.

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After celebrating Holi with family, now everyone has to return to work. If you are worried about not getting a ticket in the train, then there is no need to worry. East Central Railway has run many Holi special trains. Special trains have been started for return from Bihar. Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway, Virendra Kumar said that Holi special trains are being run for various cities so that people do not face any problem. Holi special trains are being run from Saharsa and Patna to Anand Vihar, New Delhi, Gorakhpur, Dimapur.

Saharsa-Anand Vihar Unreserved Holi Special Train
05585 Saharsa-Anand Vihar Unreserved Holi Special train will depart from Saharsa at 09:30 on March 31, 2024, stopping at Barauni at 11:35 and Hajipur at 13:30 and will reach Anand Vihar at 05:15 on Monday. Its stops will be Khagaria-Barauni-Shahpur Patori-Hajipur-Gorakhpur on the way.

Saharsa-Delhi Unreserved Holi Special Train
04087 Saharsa-Delhi unreserved Holi special train will run via Khagaria-Barauni-Samastipur-Muzaffarpur-Hajipur-Gorakhpur. This train will depart from Saharsa at 07:30 am on March 30, 2024, stopping at Barauni at 10:50 am and Hajipur at 14:30 pm and will reach Delhi at 13:15 pm the next day.

Patna-New Delhi Reserved Superfast Holi Special
04095 Patna-New Delhi reserved superfast Holi special train will depart from Ara-Patna at 15:00 hrs on 30 March 2024 and will reach New Delhi at 07:00 hrs the next day, stopping DDD at 18:35 hrs. This train will run via Buxar-DDU-Prayagraj. .

Gorakhpur-Dimapur Holi Special Train
05013 Gorakhpur-Dimapur Holi Special train will depart from Gorakhpur on Thursday, March 28 at 19:50 hrs via Hajipur-Shahpur Patori-Barauni -Katihar-Kamakhya-Guwahati, stopping at Hajipur at 01:05 hrs on Friday, Barauni at 04:30 hrs on Saturday 03. Will reach Dimapur at :45 pm.

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