If you swallow glutathione, your skin will remain soft and hydrated even in summer, experts have also praised it.

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Summer season does not come alone but it also brings with it scorching sun, dehydration and many skin related problems. The effect of dehydration is not limited to just dry throat or feeling thirsty, but much more than that.

Due to this, the face starts looking lifeless, dry, dark and dull. Due to which problems like swelling and wrinkles can also occur. In such a situation, glutathione can help you. 'Ojiva' co-founder biotechnologist and bioinformatician Mihir Gadani explains how it is beneficial for our skin.

How beneficial is glutathione for the skin?

Glutathione is not just a trendy word, but it plays a huge role in keeping our skin healthy, glowing and soft. There are many nutrients present in it which help in keeping our skin healthy. So let us know how it is beneficial for our skin.

is a storehouse of antioxidants

Glutathione fights free radicals and unbalanced molecules that destroy our skin cells and increase the signs of aging. These free radicals are formed due to reasons like sun rays, pollution and sometimes stress. Glutathione prevents the development of wrinkles by reducing the effects of these free radicals and also protects against skin damage caused by sunlight.

formation of melanin

formation of melanin

Melanin helps in making the skin glow and glutathione plays an important role in making melanin. This pigment works to give color to the skin. Glutathione helps inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase which triggers the production of melanin (dark melanin). It gives an even tone to the skin and also reduces high pigmentation, making the complexion fair and glowing.

helps detox

helps detox

Glutathione helps your body's natural detoxification process. It can also be helpful in removing toxins and impurities that cause skin problems like acne and itching.

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