If you give water to children in milk bottles, be careful, it can cause a big problem

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Mother's milk is most important for a newborn baby. That is why mothers breastfeed their child from the very beginning. Some children also drink milk from a bottle during this period. Doctors say that after 6 months, the child should definitely be habituated to feeding milk from a bottle along with food. So that he can get proper nutrients.

However, many parents want their child to drink a good amount of water along with food. Therefore, they start giving water from the same milk bottle after 6 months. But is this method correct and safe for the child? Pediatrician Dr. Santosh Yadav has shared a video on Instagram about this. In this, he has told whether water can be given to the child from the milk bottle or not.

Can we give water to the baby from a milk bottle or not?

According to the doctor, children should not be given water in the milk bottle. This confuses the child. Because the bottle from which he was drinking milk for the last six months had a different taste and now when he drinks water, he will find its taste different. He will not be able to differentiate between milk and water. Because of this, he will neither drink water nor milk.

Remember this while bottle feeding your baby

How should water be given to the baby?

If you want to start giving water to your baby, it is better to use an open glass. Avoid giving water from a bottle as much as possible. But if in some situation water has to be given from a bottle, then it can be done. It is very important to take care of sterilization during this time.

At what time should water be given to the child?

At what time should water be given to the child?
  • You can give your child water in between meals and snacks.
  • Give 1 to 2 ounces of water at a time.
  • Give them a cup that fits in their hands and they can hold it properly.
  • Water should be given in small quantity in the beginning.

How much water should a child be given in a day?

How much water should a child be given in a day?

When the child turns one year old, you can give him more and more water. Keep a cup in the kitchen or room and tell him to drink water from it whenever he feels thirsty. It is better to use an open cup instead of a feeder for water. When the child turns 6 months old, do not give him water from a milk bottle. It would be better to give water to the child in a cup. This will develop his drinking skills and then he will learn to drink water on his own when he feels thirsty.

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