If the edge of the knife has become blunt, then know the trick of Chef Pankaj Bhadoria, the knife will become sharp for free

Ananya Shroff
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Often you must have felt that the taste of some vegetables depends on their cutting. If the vegetable is cut well then its taste is also very good. Now it is also necessary to have a sharp knife to do the desired cutting. But within a few days of buying a knife, its sharpness gets reduced. Now we cannot even buy a new knife every week.

In such a situation, if your expensive knife has lost its edge, then there is absolutely no need to worry. Because Masterchef Pankaj Bhadoria has shared a very easy recipe for sharpening a knife on social media. With the help of which you can sharpen your kitchen knife in just a few minutes.

Sharpen your blades with a ceramic mug

According to Master Chef Pankaj Bhadoria, you can use a ceramic cup to sharpen the knife. For this, place a cup upside down on the table. Now keep rubbing the knife on the edge of the mug. Doing this for a minute or two will sharpen the knife.

Chef Pankaj told the trick

The newspaper will also be available

Apart from Chef Pankaj Bharodia's trick, if you want, you can also sharpen the knife with the help of newspaper. For this, first keep the knife flat on the newspaper. You have to keep it in such a way that there is not much pressure on the paper. Now rub the knife slowly. After rubbing for a minute or two, wash it with water. Then see that the vegetable will be cut easily.

use iron rod

use iron rod

There is another way to sharpen the edge of a knife. For this you will need an iron rod. For this, keep the rod in the sun for a while, so that it gets heated. Now rub the flat part of the knife on it from one side, then rub it from the other side as well. By doing this the edge will become sharp.

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