How to remove the fear of death from your mind?

Ananya Shroff
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Death is something that cannot be controlled. No one has control over when and how it will come. This is the reason why some people always live in the shadow of its fear. The result is that despite having everything in life, happiness remains miles away from them.

People who are afflicted with this fear start to have affected relationships with others. However, there are some ways in which this feeling can be prevented from dominating the mind and heart. As soon as this happens, you will yourself feel how your life is filled with positive energy and more happiness is being added to relationships.

please accept

First of all, it is important to accept that no one has control over death. What can be achieved by giving place to the fear of something which no power in the world can control? So do not fear it and accept it as the ultimate truth.

However, embracing this feeling does not mean that you do not try to avoid life-threatening situations or deliberately involve yourself in activities that may prove dangerous.

focus on living

After accepting the ultimate truth of life, start focusing on living. Neither the past nor the future, if something matters the most then it is the present. So live every moment with enthusiasm. Create memories for yourself, so that when you or your loved ones look back at the box of memories, they can say 'Wow! What a life we ​​have lived'.

express gratitude

express gratitude

Whenever we express gratitude for something, it means that whatever we have got is very important to us. Express gratitude for the small joys and facilities of your life and everyday life. This will automatically create gentle feelings towards life in your mind and you will not let the thought of death dominate you.

Distract Your Mind

Distract Your Mind

Whenever your mind starts thinking negatively or after seeing an incident, the thought of death starts dominating your mind, then try to distract your mind. Listen to your favorite song, go for a short walk or start reading a book. That is, do some activity that helps you push away negative thoughts physically and mentally.

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