'He is lecturing us…' the President of this country scolded the BBC journalist

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Journalists often ask such questions which make it difficult for the other person to answer. However, many times the person giving the interview gives such an answer that the journalist himself gets entangled in a difficult situation. A similar case came to light in Guyana, where President Irfan Ali scolded a BBC journalist so badly that his video went viral.

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In fact, a BBC journalist, citing Guyana's plan to extract oil and gas, had asked President Irfan Ali about the country's carbon emissions. The President of Guyana gave such an answer, which is being praised by the people of many developing countries. In the video of this heated exchange viral on social media, the BBC correspondent, citing reports, said that extracting oil and gas off the coast of Guyana would result in more than two billion tonnes of carbon emissions. On this, President Ali stops him and asks whether he has the right to 'lecture others on climate change' and whether he was 'in the pocket of those who were destroying the environment through the Industrial Revolution and now we have the right to lecture. Giving.'

On this the BBC journalist asked whether Irfan Ali had participated in the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. On this the President of Guyana intervened and said, 'I stop you here. Did you know that Guyana has a forest area that is as big as England and Scotland combined? A forest that stores 19.5 gigatons of carbon. The forest which has kept us alive.

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The journalist then asked whether this gives Guyana 'the right to emit all this carbon'. Irfan Ali replied even before the reporter's question could be completed, 'Does this give you the right to lecture us on climate change? I'm going to lecture you on climate change, because we have this forest alive that stores 19.5 gigatons of carbon, which you enjoy, which the world enjoys.'

President Ali pointed out that Guyana has one of the lowest deforestation rates in the world and said, 'Even after the greatest exploration of oil and gas resources that we have right now, we will still be net-zero (in emissions).' The President of Guyana said that his country is not paid for the forests that its people have kept alive. He said that when it comes to developing countries' exploration of their oil and gas reserves, “the hypocrisy of the world is exposed”.

This video of Guyana President Irfan Ali and BBC journalist is going viral on social media and many people are praising them for exposing the 'hypocrisy' against developing countries.

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