Gurgling sound is coming from the stomach… Adopt this method, you will get instant relief.

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Gurgling sound is coming from the stomach… Adopt this method, you will get instant relief.

Gas Problems: If the problem of gas persists in your stomach for a long time, it can also cause diseases like ulcers and cancer in the intestines. In such a situation, along with making changes in your lifestyle, you should also visit a good doctor from time to time. In case of problems like stomach ache, heartburn, sour belching, headache, people usually start home remedies. But, when the problem of gas in the stomach increases then we turn to English medicine. When even this does not provide relief, people start running here and there.

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When this problem keeps recurring even after taking allopathic medicine, then people turn to homeopathy or Ayurveda. But, when there is disappointment from all sides, people turn to the Unani system. In Unani medicine, diagnosis of the patient's diseases starts by checking the patient's pulse. In some cases, X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan or MRI is also being done.

According to doctors, the old Unani method is still the most effective for getting rid of gas. (Credit-Canva)

How to get rid of gas formation in stomach
According to Unani doctors, the old Unani method is still the most effective for getting rid of gas. Through the Unani method, Hakim senses the heat and cold of your stomach by looking at the pulse in your hand. According to the Unani method, neither too much heat in the stomach is a good thing nor should the stomach be too cold.

Dr. Mohammad Farooq, Community Medicine, Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College, Karol Bagh, while talking to PressNews24 Hind, says, 'The way we diagnose is different. We eliminate the causes of disease from their roots. If a patient has gas problem then we find out its cause and then start the medicine. For example, we give many medicines of Jawarish group for gas. Every medicine works for gas only, but its function is different. Therefore, let us first find out what type of gas it is and what are its causes. This medicine is for stomach diseases only, but this medicine is for different gas diseases.

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There are many reasons for gas formation in the body. Image:Canva

what do doctors say
Dr. Farooq further says, 'Similarly, whether it is majoon or sherbet, we also give medicine in case of gas disease. Unani medicine is in the form of chutney and tablet. 90 percent of the patients who come to my OPD come with stomach problems. The elderly have more problems. The root of all these diseases is the stomach. Our first priority is to ensure that the food is digested properly and the patient does not suffer from gas. I cannot make a claim, but I can definitely say that if the patient tells about the disease properly, then the problem of gas and constipation can be eliminated forever with the Unani method.

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According to doctors, there are many reasons for gas formation in the body. This disease occurs especially due to reasons like unbalanced lifestyle, eating irregular diet, eating too much sour and sweet, spicy and spicy food, staying awake till late night, drinking less water etc. It has become part of our lifestyle. Some such patients also get relief from Ayurveda, some patients also get relief from Homeopathy medicines and some patients also get relief from Unani method.

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