Got a job in court after scoring 99.7 percent marks in 10th, the truth was revealed due to the judge's suspicion, know the whole matter

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Peon got 99 percent marks in 10th class: A similar case has come to light from Karnataka. You will also be surprised after going there. Actually, here a sweeper has got 99.7 percent marks in the 10th class examination. Despite passing with such a good percentage, the sweeper does not know how to read and write. At present, orders have been given to investigate the matter.

On the basis of the mark sheet, the sweeper got a job in the court as well

According to the information, sweeper Lakshmikant Lokare used to work as a sweeper in Koppal Court of Yadgir district. But after scoring 99.7 marks in his 10th marksheet, he gave the court peon recruitment exam and got selected for the post of peon in the court.

The matter came to light due to the suspicion of the court judge
According to the information, the judge of the court had doubts about this achievement of Lakshmikant Lokre. Because Lokre can neither read nor write in Telugu. In such a situation, the judge made a personal complaint about this. After which the investigation of the case has started. The judge has also said that other candidates involved in the recruitment should also be investigated, so that it can also be known whether they have got this job on the basis of their hard work or have committed fraud.

Laxmikant Lokare took admission in 10th directly after 7th.
Lokre had taken admission in class 10th directly after class 7th. During investigation, Lakshmikant Lokre told the police that he had taken admission in class 10th directly after class 7th. In which he got 623 marks out of 625. Lakshmikant Lokre claimed that he had given class 10th examination as a private candidate in 2017-18. This examination was conducted by Delhi Education Board and the examination was held in Bagalkot district.

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