'God has sent him to help Adani-Ambani', Rahul Gandhi again takes a dig at PM Modi's comment

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : The last phase of voting is yet to be held in the Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is not leaving any opportunity to attack PM Modi. Rahul has made another sharp retort to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement 'God has sent him'. The Congress leader once again took a dig at the Prime Minister. He said that 'God has sent Modi not to help the poor but to help Adani.'

PM mentioned this in the interview

Rahul said that the Indo-Pak alliance will take the country's economy to “new heights” after coming to power at the Centre. Gandhi's reaction came in response to a comment made by PM Modi during an interview. In that interview, PM Modi had expressed his belief that he was born divinely and not biologically. Earlier, the Congress leader had said that if the Enforcement Directorate (ED) questions PM Modi about corruption after the elections, he can explain his actions as divine intervention.

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Asked to speak on unemployment

Rahul had said why is PM Modi now cooking up stories of divine intervention? Because when the ED questions him about Adani after the elections, he can claim that it was decided by the Almighty. Gandhi quipped and urged Modi to focus on addressing serious issues like unemployment instead of giving long speeches promoting division. Challenging the PM to be transparent about his government's performance in job creation, Gandhi stressed the need for practical solutions to deal with the country's challenges.

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'50% limit on reservation will be abolished'

Besides, Rahul underlined the commitment of the India Alliance and said that the India Alliance government will abolish the 50 percent cap on reservation. Asserting that the alliance will protect the Constitution with “heart, soul and blood”, Rahul said at a rally in UP on Tuesday that we will scrap the Agneepath scheme and throw it in the dustbin after coming to power.

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