Go where PM Modi went… When Maldives imposed a ban, Israel advised to go to these beaches of India

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Due to the Gaza conflict, Maldives has banned Israeli passport holders from entering the country a day earlier. Israel is very angry with this action of Maldives and has advised its people to go to some beaches of India. This also includes Lakshadweep. Israel advised its people to go to the islands where PM Modi has already visited. The Israeli Embassy in India posted a picture of some islands of India and wrote that there are many beaches in India which are very beautiful and people here are treated with a lot of respect.

These beaches of India were promoted

The Israeli Embassy tweeted – Maldives has banned the entry of Israelis. In such a situation, you can visit some of the beautiful Indian beaches given below. Where you will be warmly welcomed. The beaches whose pictures have been shared by the Israeli Embassy include Lakshadweep, Goa, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the coast of Kerala.

Indians boycotted Maldives

Let us tell you that earlier this year, PM Modi went on a tour of Lakshadweep, which was opposed by some leaders of Maldives. In fact, three deputy ministers of the Ministry of Youth Affairs of Maldives had called PM Modi's Lakshadweep tour a threat to their country's tourism. Along with this, negative comments were also made against PM Modi.

After which Indians started boycotting Maldives. Tourists going to Maldives canceled their tickets. Due to which Maldives had to go through an economic crisis. Let us tell you that soon after this incident, Indian online travel agency EaseMyTrip stopped booking for Maldives.

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