From elections in Jammu and Kashmir to peace in Manipur… know how big a challenge Amit Shah faces in his new term

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : Once again, Amit Shah has got the command of the Union Home Ministry in the NDA government. The first challenge after taking charge is Jammu and Kashmir. Where assembly elections are to be held by September 30 as per the order of the Supreme Court. The Election Commission is also busy preparing for this. But the way terrorists fired on a bus full of pilgrims in Reasi, Jammu during the swearing-in ceremony of Narendra Modi and his ministers as Prime Minister on Sunday, it will be a big challenge to conduct the first assembly elections in the state after the removal of 370 in a peaceful manner.

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Double challenge in Jammu and Kashmir

In Jammu and Kashmir, the ministry will have to work on two fronts. First of all, conducting assembly elections in the state will be a big challenge. Terrorist groups can create obstacles in conducting these elections peacefully. As has been seen for some time now, whenever the government talks about peace in Jammu and Kashmir, within a few days some terrorist incident is carried out in the valley. Seeing this, it seems that terrorist incidents are being carried out here in support of Pakistan. It will be a big task for the government to completely eliminate them.

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The challenge of peace in Manipur

Apart from this, restoring law and order in Manipur, which is waiting for peace, will also be a big task. Bringing Manipur back to the mainstream by ending the ongoing problem between the Meitei and Kuki communities will be a big challenge. However, continuous work is being done for this. But looking at the way incidents are coming up here from time to time, the task of restoring peace in Manipur will not be easy. For this, the Home Ministry will have to do a big job by working together with the state government. So that people can live their lives again without any fear and terror.

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Action in Naxal-affected areas

The way Modi Government-2 claimed to make the country Naxal-free, those claims will have to be implemented. Especially the Naxal-affected areas of Chhattisgarh will have to be brought back into the mainstream of society, so that these areas can become Naxal-free. However, the previous government also worked continuously for this and in many cases a large number of Naxalites were killed. But even now the Naxal incidents that keep coming up from time to time here will have to be completely controlled.

border fencing work

Similarly, to make the India-Myanmar border completely impenetrable, the fencing work will have to be completed. Amit Shah, who was the Home Minister in the previous government, had also said that barbed wire will be installed on the entire India-Myanmar border spread over a distance of 1643 kilometers. Free movement will be stopped here. Right now, the fencing work has been completed only in a few kilometers. This entire border will be secured by fencing. While it will be important to implement the three new criminal laws that will be implemented in the entire country from July 1. So that there is no problem anywhere. According to the need, the paramilitary forces will also have to be increased and police reforms will also have to be done. Apart from this, work will also have to be done on many other issues.

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