​For the first time in this Muslim country, a model walked on the ramp wearing a swimsuit, created history in Red Sea Fashion Week

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While Cannes Film Festival is being celebrated all over the world, Red Sea Fashion Week is also making a lot of headlines. This time something has happened in this fashion week organized in Saudi Arabia, which is not only being discussed everywhere but this step is also being appreciated a lot. Apart from this, the Saudi Prince is also being appreciated for promoting fashion with the changing times.

In fact, for the first time in Saudi Arabia, on the second day of Red Sea Fashion Week, models walked on the ramp wearing swimsuits. A country where women have been covering their bodies by wearing Abaya for decades. To have such a show in swimwear there is like writing a new chapter in the history of this place. So let's know about this show. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @redseafw)

​Models showed off their bodies wearing swimwear

On the second day of Fashion Week, Moroccan designer Yasmina Kanjal, designer labels Sara Altvam and EO Swimwear showed their collections. In this pool side show, Eau's models were seen walking in swimsuits of different colors. This was the first such show to be held in this country. In which the model was seen flaunting her body.

What kind of swimsuits were there?

Here models were seen wearing swimsuits of different colors. It included many colors like pink, green, blue, orange, white, beige and black. Some swimsuits were made off-the-shoulder, while others had plunging necklines. In these, her shoulders, midriff area and legs were being flaunted. Wearing this, all the models were seen walking on the ramp with confidence.

Style of accessories too

Style of accessories too

Along with the colorful and stylish swimsuit, the Eau model also carried amazing accessories with her. Some were wearing glasses, some were seen wearing headscarves and some were carrying bags. These were crocheted from white yarn, perfect for taking to the beach. Whereas, the models were seen in strappy heels and flats.

The wave of change came for the first time

The wave of change came for the first time

Not only was such a fashion show organized for the first time in Saudi Arabia, but the country also hosted it for the first time. The three-day show began at the St. Regis Red Sea Resort on Ummaht Island. The resort is part of Red Sea Global, which is overseen by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is included in the country's Vision 2030 social and economic reform programme.

Let us tell you that Prince Mohammed is trying to soften the image of Saudi Arabia and is emphasizing on improving the society for women.

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