Film producer accuses Sunny Deol of fraud and extortion, files complaint against actor

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Filmmaker Saurav Gupta has levelled shocking allegations of cheating, extortion and forgery against actor Sunny Deol. At a press conference this week, real estate developer-turned-filmmaker Saurav Gupta alleged that Sunny Deol took money from him in advance to do a film in 2016 and kept taking more money promising that he would start the film but eventually he did not. After his recent film Gadar 2 became a hit, he stopped shooting that film and did not complete the film. Saurav Gupta told HT that in 2016 he had struck a deal with Sunny Deol as the lead actor for his film for a fee of Rs 4 crore. He said, “We had given him Rs 1 crore in advance, but he chose to shoot Poster Boys (2017) instead of starting my film. He kept asking me for more money and till now my Rs 2.55 crore is in Sunny ji's account. He also asked me to give the money to another director.”

Film producer accused Sunny Deol

The filmmaker also alleged that Sunny Deol had signed a fake agreement with his company in 2023. He said, 'When we read the agreement, we saw that the middle page was changed where the fee amount was increased from Rs 4 crore to Rs 8 crore and the profit was increased to Rs 2 crore.'

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Another filmmaker comes out in support

Filmmaker Suneel Darshan, famous for films like 'Jaanwar' (1999) and 'Andaaz' (2003), also came in support of Saurav Gupta at the same press conference and alleged that he too had faced a similar problem with Sunny Deol. He said, 'Sunny Deol bought the rights of my film 'Ajay' (1996) for overseas distribution and made only partial payment. The rest was never paid. Later Sunny requested me to work on a project with him and said, 'Trust me, help me' and asked me to pay again.

Sunny has been doing this for many years?

An industry source told Hindustan Times, “He has been doing this for many years. Sunny gave the script of a film called 'Ram Janmabhoomi' to a filmmaker who built a huge set in Mumbai. Sunny signed the film for Rs 5 crore. But later he refused to come on the set and asked for a fee of Rs 25 crore because he had given a blockbuster film.”

Complaint filed against Sunny Deol

Saurav Gupta says that he has filed a police complaint against Sunny Deol. He said, 'The police had issued a notice to Sunny Deol on April 30. His office had sent a letter stating that he was out of town on the day he had to appear. We tried to know Sunny Deol's side, but did not get any reply.'

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