Fact Check: Was there rigging in the voting in the Lok Sabha elections? The claim of the viral video turned out to be false, know the truth

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: With the first phase of voting for the Lok Sabha elections, the biggest festival of democracy has begun in the country. A video of voting is going viral on social media, which is being discussed a lot. It is being claimed in the viral video that voting is being done at the polling booth by holding the hand of a woman. But the Election Commission is not taking any action on this. This video was investigated by the fact check team of Newschecker.

It is being claimed about the viral video that voting is being done at the polling booth by holding the hand of a woman, but the Election Commission is silent. Archive See here.


To ascertain the veracity of the claim of the viral video, NewsChecker's fact check team did a reverse image search of the key frames of the viral video. As a result, this video was uploaded on 22 May 2019 on a YouTube channel named 'Tricolor News Network'. Video In the nearly one-minute video, it can be seen that the woman, introducing herself as a polling agent, goes to the EVM location along with other voters and asks them to cast their votes as per her instructions.

Further investigation also found several Facebook posts shared with the viral clip in the year 2019, which Here And Here It can be seen. This video clip is from five years ago One India Tamil It was also uploaded on Dailymotion website.

During the investigation, several x-posts shared with the viral video on May 15, 2019 were also found, which Here, Here And Here appear to.



However, the exact time and place of the viral video could not be ascertained during the investigation. But it is clear from the investigation that the viral video is from the year 2019 or before and this video has no connection with the recent Lok Sabha elections.

(This story was originally published in 1998) NewscheckerAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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