Fact Check: Is Rahul Gandhi going to Thailand after the Lok Sabha election results? Know the truth of the viral claim

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The Lok Sabha elections are over and now everyone is waiting for June 4. Actually, the results of the Lok Sabha elections are going to come on June 4. Before the results of the Lok Sabha elections, it is being claimed on social media that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has gone to Thailand and Bangkok. However, in Boom's investigation, this claim has been found to be completely fake. Actually, a post on Facebook the user Sharing a picture of a ticket, he wrote, Look, Rahul Gandhi has booked a ticket for June 5 in advance. View archive Post

Apart from that Facebook user, another user also shared the ticket on X and wrote – Pappu has made preparations to run away. I am unable to understand what problem Congress has with the media coverage of Modi meditating in Kanyakumari? Brother, you should also send Rahul Gandhi to Bangkok and get the live telecast done. We devotees guarantee that no one will watch the coverage of Modi. View the archive Post

How the truth came out

When BOOM fact-checked the ticket going viral on social media, it found that the ticket had two different flight numbers. At one place, it was UK121 while at another, it was UK115. BOOM furthered its investigation and when it ran a reverse image search on the image, it found an image titled Live from a Lounge. Website But an article uploaded in the year 2019 was found. In which the name of the passenger on the ticket was written as Ajay Awatani. The date of travel from Delhi to Singapore was written as 6 August 2019.

This is a picture of the original ticket

Look at both the pictures together…

See the difference between the two pictures

After this, the Boom team spoke to Ajay Awatani, the author of the article and founder and editor of Live From A Lounge. He told that the photo of his ticket is included in the 2019 article. He further said that this was Vistara's first international flight and I was sitting in it. It seems that whoever edited this photo forgot to change the flight number written in one of the two places.

conclusion: BOOM investigation found that Rahul Gandhi's Thailand and Bangkok ticket is fake. The ticket is being edited and shared for propaganda before the Lok Sabha election results.

(This story was originally published by BoomAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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