Fact Check: Did Mallikarjun Kharge say Congress is finished? Know the truth of viral claim

Ronit Kawale
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New Delhi: A video clip of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge is being widely shared on social media during the Lok Sabha elections. In this video, Mallikarjun Kharge is seen talking about the end of Congress. clip (archive Add) has been shared with a social media account named 'sarcasm__express'. In which Kharge is saying that Congress is over, Congress is dead and now you will not see Congress anywhere. However, the claim being made on social media is completely fake. viral video clip sharer the user About nine hundred people follow him on Facebook.

What the investigation found

Vishvas News investigated this video and found that this claim is false. Actually, this video going viral on social media is edited. Actually, Vishvas News team investigated the viral video and extracted key frames of the video and did a reverse image search on it. After which he found a video uploaded on the official channel of Congress. This video is of a rally held in Ahmedabad.

The video was quite large, so Vishvas News team converted the audio of this speech into text with the help of Google Pin Point tool. After which he got a part of the viral video at 12.03. In which Kharge says that Ahmedabad is such a big and famous city. It is on this land that Mahatma Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel ji, Dadabhai Naoroji and many other great leaders were born and they made Gujarat great. After this he says that I want to say that this is the foundation of the Congress Party. That foundation is very strong in Ahmedabad city, no one can remove it and no one can dare to destroy Congress. Some people say that Congress is over, Congress is over and now you will not see Congress anywhere. The leaders here talk…that's all I ask of them. This Ahmedabad is the sacred land of Mahatma Gandhiji, but it is surprising that people with such ideologies have been born on this land itself, who are thinking of destroying Gandhiji's ideology.

It became clear that Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, while addressing the rally, was saying that the foundation of the Congress Party is very strong and no one can dare to destroy the Congress. He has talked about the end of Congress but while targeting PM Modi. After this his team contacted Uttar Pradesh Congress spokesperson Abhimanyu Tyagi. He said that this is low level editing and anyone listening to it can tell that Kharge ji would not have said this. This is the result of election nervousness due to which he is doing this kind of propaganda because he has no issue.

conclusion: In the investigation of Vishvas News, this video is altered and fake. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, while targeting PM Modi, had said that the foundation of Congress in Ahmedabad is very strong and no one can destroy it. In such a situation, this video is being shared for false propaganda during the elections.

(This story was originally published Vishvas News, And republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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