Fact Check: Did actor Ranveer Singh criticize PM Modi? Know the truth of the viral video

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FACT CHECK NEWS: Preparations for the Lok Sabha elections are progressing rapidly. All parties are busy in election campaigning. In this election period, many times such videos are going viral on social media which are edited. One such video is of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. In the viral video on social media, the actor is seen criticizing Prime Minister Modi and appealing to vote wisely. However, when Newschecker investigated this viral video, it turned out to be edited. In the original video, Ranveer Singh was seen telling his experience after worshiping at Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi. During this, he also praised Prime Minister Modi.

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What is being claimed?

The viral video is 42 seconds long, in which Ranveer Singh is seen saying, 'This is the motive of Modi ji, his motive was to celebrate our miserable life, unemployment and inflation. Because India is now moving so fast towards the era of injustice. But we should never forget to demand our development and justice. So vote wisely.'

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Fact Check

Newschecker first did a reverse image search using key frames of the viral video. During this, we found the news agency ANI's official X account A thread was found posted on April 14, 2024. It includes visuals of Bollywood celebrities Kriti Sanon, Ranveer Singh and Manish Malhotra's visit to Varanasi.

This also included an interview given by Ranveer Singh to news agency ANI. Its scenes completely matched the viral video.

In this video of about 2 minutes 33 seconds, when asked about his experience in Varanasi, Ranveer Singh says, 'Today I had such an experience that I am unable to describe it in words. We have been devotees of Lord Shiva all our lives and have come to visit Kashi for the first time. Next time I would like to bring my mother as well. I should also bring my wife. My mother is very happy. When devotees of Mahadev come to the city of Mahadev, you can imagine what kind of experience we must have had when we visited the Kashi temple. There was a different energy there, a different kind of energy. Different vibrations, different frequencies. When Pandit ji was reciting mantras, when Aarti was done, a different energy and power comes. It is felt inside and everyone gets absorbed in that energy.

Ranveer Singh further said in the same video that 'I am very happy to see that this was the aim of Modi ji. His aim was to celebrate our rich cultural heritage. Our history, our heritage, because we India are now moving towards modernity. We are moving at such a fast pace but we should never forget our roots and our cultural heritage. Hence development, heritage and the same past, present and future. It is a mixture of past and future. Kashi is older than history, older than tradition, so look at the development that has taken place at such a place.' He further says in English, which is translated in Hindi, 'This place gives a feeling of both past and present.'

During the investigation, we also got information from ANI's YouTube account. 14 April 2024 A video uploaded on the website was found. In this video, Ranveer Singh's video was found to be about 1 minute 15 seconds long. In this video too, Ranveer Singh can be heard saying the same things which are written above.


Our investigation so far has made it clear that the viral video is edited. In the original video, the part after 'Modi ji's purpose' has been edited and separate words have been added.

During the investigation, we some news reports Also, it was found that Ranveer Singh and Kriti Sanon reached Varanasi on Sunday, April 14. During this, they also offered prayers at the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Apart from this, they also attended the 'Dharahar Kashi Ki' program organized by the Indian Minority Foundation. During this, celebrity fashion designer Manish Malhotra also joined the two.


The evidence found in Newschecker's investigation clearly shows that the viral video is edited. In the original video, Ranveer Singh had praised PM Modi and Kashi.

(This story was originally published in 1998) News InvestigatorAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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