Fact Check: Communal claim of beheading of RSS worker turns out to be fake, know the truth of the video

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Two videos are being widely shared on social media. In which some people are brutally beating a young man. Sharing this gruesome video, users are claiming that Muslims in Kerala took an RSS worker to a mosque and beheaded him. Two videos are going viral on social media with this claim. One of them has the logo of news agency Sudarshan News. While no logo is visible in the other video. However, when BOOM fact-checked this video, this claim proved to be false.

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What are users sharing?

Users are sharing this video with communal claims. In which it was written – If the Muslims of Kerala, who took the RSS worker to the mosque and beheaded him, become the majority, then the whole country will become like this. No court, no constitution, no police will protect you, your property will not protect you. See the truth, we need a Hindu vote bank in the country, otherwise we will not be seen here like we were driven out of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and such massacres are happening in Kashmir, Bengal, Kerala. Look at what is happening in Rajasthan, 36 Garh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Delhi and now Karnataka and understand how important it is for BJP, especially Modi and Yogi to be there. Wake up foolish Hindus. With exactly this claim Facebook Also found a post. See Archive Add

How did the truth come out?

When Boom Key fact-checked both these videos, the first thing they found was a video from May 5, 2021. Amar Ujala A report published in the newspaper was found. In which this video was said to be from Muzaffarnagar. According to the report, a lineman who came to fix electricity in Sikri village of Muzaffarnagar got into an argument with the villagers, and the villagers beat him up. The local Muslim people were involved in this fight, who are seen in the video. A post from Muzaffarnagar police was also found regarding this video. In which the police had said that they would take action. Watch Archive Add

When Ramesh Pal, the then in-charge of Sikri outpost of Bhopa police station, was talked to about this video, he said that this incident is quite old and the accused in this case have also been arrested. He further said that no one has been killed in this case.

The second video which is going viral on social media. When BOOM's team searched that video through reverse image search, they found Metro A report was found on the website about this video. The incident took place in Venezuela where the boy was murdered by members of the Megababadas gang. The Boom team was then informed on 6 February 2018. Sun There was a report that a gang in Venezuela brutally murdered a 13-year-old boy. It became clear that the two videos were not of the same incident. This old video is being shared with false and communal claims.

conclusion: BOOM's investigation proved that the claim of Kerala Muslims dragging an RSS worker to a mosque and killing him was completely false. Two videos are being passed off as the same incident with communal claims.

(This story was originally published in 1998) BoomAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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