Explained: POK will be independent from Pakistan like Boston Tea Party! What is the strategy of the Indian Army to win in the mountains?

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New Delhi: While the East India Company was expanding in India, at the same time the night of slavery was passing in America, the new country discovered by Christopher Columbus. On the night of 16 December 1773, about 70 people boarded three ships of the East India Company at the Boston port of America in protest against Britain's colonial tax laws. The group immediately threw more than 90 thousand pounds of tea into the sea in protest against the British Parliament's Tea Act (1773). This was called the Boston Tea Party in history. This encouraged rebellion against British rule in America. The first shot of the American Revolution was fired 16 months after the Boston Tea Party. The British got so burnt in the heat of this revolution that finally, 10 years after the Boston Tea Party, in 1783, Britain had to recognize the independence of the United States through the Treaty of Paris. These days, protests are taking place against the Pakistan government in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). It is being said that one day the people of PoK will also be free from the clutches of Pakistan.

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The Boston Tea Party event started the American Revolution.

Why does PoK matter to us?

Defense and strategic analyst Lieutenant Colonel (retired) JS Sodhi says that under Operation Gulmarg, Pakistan had captured one-third of Jammu and Kashmir with the help of tribals. If India had not gone to the United Nations at that time, the situation would have been different today. PoK is strategically important for India. It shares several international borders with Jammu and Kashmir. This includes Pakistan's Punjab and North-West Frontier Province i.e. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in the west, Afghanistan's Lakhan Hall in the north-west and China's Xinjiang province in the north. About 30 lakh population lives in this area of ​​about 13 thousand square km.

People involved in protests in PoK are not happy with the policies of the Pakistan government.

Is it easy to get pok

According to defense expert JS Sodhi, achieving POK is not so easy. In 2019, former Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor had given a statement that it is very difficult to achieve PoK. August 9, 2023 In an article last year, former Army Chief General Naravane had also said that in today's era no one has been able to win the war on two fronts. If there is a war for PoK, it will not be just a war with Pakistan, China will also jump into it. It has been more than two years since Russia went to war with Ukraine, but it has still not been able to defeat Ukraine. At the same time, it has been more than 7 months since the attack in the small Gaza Strip, but Israel has not been successful yet. In such a situation, achieving PoK will not be so easy.

Navbharat Times 110200208

Navbharat TimesPakistan Army stopped from capturing Srinagar on women's issue, Indian Army chased away, demonstration in POK

What strategy does the army adopt in mountain battles?

Defense expert Sodhi says that if there is a war in PoK, it will not be so easy. There the army adopts a different strategy. Generally, for any military battle, the ratio of attackers and defenders is 3:1 i.e. there are three attackers and one defender. Whereas in the mountains the ratio of attacker to defender is 9:1. Understand it this way, if there are 100 enemy soldiers in the plains to capture a piece of land, then to drive them out, our army has to deploy 300 soldiers as against 100. Whereas in the mountains this ratio increases three times. That means, to combat 100 enemy soldiers in the mountains, we will have to deploy 900 soldiers.

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Same strategy was adopted in Kargil also

When the Kargil war broke out in 1999, there were a handful of Pakistani soldiers in the mountains. Who had captured the Indian Army's land in the mountains. The Indian Army had to send several battalions to defeat them. There also a ratio of 9:1 is adopted for victory. Today, India has to compete on both the Line of Actual Control and the Line of Control.

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Prediction of war between Pakistan and China by 2035

Lieutenant Colonel (R) JS Sodhi says that on July 8, 2013, China's official newspaper Winweipu had predicted that in 2035 there will be a war on two fronts, in which China and Pakistan will together attack India. China is also interested in PoJK. The $65 billion economic corridor project will also pass through PoK. China has invested in several hydropower projects in PoK. The 5,180 square km Shaksgam Valley was given by Pakistan to China in 1963 under an illegal agreement. Earlier, Pakistan had given more than 38 thousand square km area of ​​Aksai Chin to China.
Navbharat Times'PoK got away from us because of someone's weakness', Foreign Minister Jaishankar took a dig at Pandit Nehru and Congress.

What was said in China's official newspaper

The Winnipeg is a Chinese government newspaper, published from Hong Kong. Through an article in this newspaper on July 8, 2035, it was predicted that China would fight 6 wars in the next 50 years. The first war in this series will be between China and America over Taiwan. This was confirmed on 3 February 2023. William Burns, director of America's intelligence agency CIA, had said that there could be a war between China and America over Taiwan in 2027. The third war in this series will take place with India in 2035. Which Pakistan and China will together attack India. Chinese President Xi Jinping had also said that China's friendship with Pakistan is higher than mountains and deeper than the sea.

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