Explained: Modi called Muslims 'infiltrators'! This is why BJP's math of crossing 400 got spoiled, understand from the strike rate

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New Delhi: The first phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 had passed. PM Narendra Modi had left for his election campaign. Two days later, on April 21, there was an election rally of BJP in Banswara, Rajasthan. In that rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had commented on Muslims, citing an old speech of former PM Manmohan Singh. The PM had said that earlier when his government was in power, he had said that Muslims have the first right on the country's property. This means that who will be distributed by collecting this property? Those who have more children will distribute it. They will distribute it to the infiltrators. Will your hard-earned money be given to the infiltrators? Do you accept this? Calling this statement of Modi a hate speech, the opposition parties had also complained about it to the Election Commission. However, Modi had pointed towards Bangladeshi infiltrators. Experts say that these anti-Muslim statements of Modi took the BJP away from the slogan of majority figures 272 and crossing 400. Let us understand what has been the strike rate of BJP after such statements in different phases of voting?

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BJP suffered losses in four out of seven phases

Delhi University professor and political analyst Rajiv Ranjan Giri says that during the seven phases of the 44-day election, the BJP's strike rate ranged from 35 to 70 percent. The biggest drop came from the fourth to the seventh phase. Modi had made anti-Muslim statements during the second phase of election campaign. In the first phase, the BJP contested 77 seats. Of those, the BJP won 30 seats. Its strike rate in this was 39 percent. In the first three phases, the BJP won 134 seats, while in the next four phases it won only 105 seats. In Surat, the BJP won one seat unopposed.

BJP's strike rate in the elections was quite fluctuating

BJP's strike rate increased in the second and third phases

BJP's strike rate increased during the second phase. It increased from 35% to 67%. In this phase, BJP contested 70 seats and won 47 seats. In the third phase, BJP's strike rate reached its peak i.e. 70%. This included 25 out of 26 seats in Gujarat, which went to BJP's account.

BJP's strike rate kept falling since the fourth phase

Expert Rajiv Ranjan says that after the fourth phase, the strike rate of BJP kept falling. It did increase a little in between, but in terms of seats, it got very few seats in the remaining four phases. This could be an important reason because a section of the people was very angry with this statement of Modi. The opposition's narrative of changing the constitution and ending the reservation of Dalits with the slogan of 400 plus added fuel to the fire.

Congress is not the only obstacle in the way of Modi's hat-trick, but Congress's friends or enemies can also become an obstacle

Opposition said- this is a victory against Modi's negative politics

After the election results, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav had said that this is the victory of harmony, brotherhood and positive politics against the negative politics of division. This is the victory of the unity of the Indian alliance. Pakistani media also discussed Modi's anti-Muslim statements. Geo TV said, Modi's politics of fanaticism has started collapsing. The slogan of 400 plus in the Lok Sabha could not become a reality. At the same time, the newspaper Jang said, Modi, who made anti-Muslim statements in his election campaign, will now have to join hands with parties with a soft stance that sympathize with Muslims.


BJP's strike rate drops even in direct contest with Congress

Election analyst Rajiv Ranjan Giri says that in the places where BJP had a direct contest with Congress, the strike rate of BJP during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was 92 percent, which fell to 71 percent this time. BJP should now think about this and introspect.

Navbharat TimesModi's magic did not work, Modi's dream of a Congress-free India remained unfulfilled

This time the strike rate of Congress increased three times

While BJP's strike rate decreased, Congress' strike rate increased three times compared to last time. In 2019, Congress' strike rate in direct fight with BJP was only 8 percent, which increased to about 29 percent this time. This is more than three times. Congress got good advantage in Maharashtra and Telangana. In Haryana also, Congress snatched 5 seats from BJP.

BJP leading in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh

In Madhya Pradesh, BJP had a direct contest with Congress. Here BJP won all 29 seats. Due to this, its strike rate here was the highest i.e. 100 percent. For the first time, BJP has done a clean sweep here. In Gujarat too, BJP won 25 out of 26 seats. At the same time, the party was successful in making lotus bloom on 10 out of 11 seats in Chhattisgarh. The strike rate at both places was more than 90 percent.

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