Everything is not justified in love! It is okay to go crazy in love but it is not okay to share these things

Ananya Shroff
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People who get carried away by the flood of love become so blind in love that they do not even know the difference between right and wrong. This is the reason why lovers drowned in love are ready to sacrifice everything. They do not understand what they are doing and later on they may have to pay the price for it.

When the intoxication of love subsides, they realize their mistakes. But by then it is too late. Many times the things said in the depth of love are used to take revenge when the love fails. Therefore, no matter how romantic and stormy the love is, some things should be kept hidden. In such a situation, we are telling you those things which you should not share with your partner.

Sharing erotic images is dangerous

Many times couples in long distance relationships share erotic pictures with each other. But doing so can prove to be dangerous. There are two dangers in this, if the partner has a narcissistic attitude then he can use these pictures in the future to take revenge or blackmail. In such a situation, these pictures will become a cause of trouble after separation from the relationship.

Apart from this, you can also become a victim of cyber crime. Everyone knows that while installing an app or searching something, gallery access is asked. In a hurry, people give permission without reading it. Whereas it is clearly written that the app can see all the photos present in the phone's gallery. Getting access to fake apps or websites increases the risk of their misuse.

Do not disclose bank account details

People who are in a new relationship have a different mindset about love. Such people are also very sensitive about their partner's feelings. They always have this fear in their mind that they do not know which of their things may offend their partner. Therefore, they even fulfill unnecessary demands. They do not even hesitate to share bank account details. In such a situation, these personal details can be misused in case of a breakup.

Do not share family matters

Do not share family matters

It is a good thing to be a partner in each other's happiness and sorrow in a relationship but it is not right to share everything related to the family. You should share only those things with your partner which are a matter of concern for both of you. Sharing important things related to your family or your home can sometimes cause you trouble. Because when the relationship breaks, these things are used as a weapon to embarrass you.

keep your secrets secrets

keep your secrets secrets

Just like family, information related to your past should also be kept secret. After marriage, if your partner is sensible, then you can think of telling him once, but until your relationship gets a name, you should not make such a mistake. Because if you get separated, you may have to face humiliation due to your past. Therefore, you should share things with your partner to a certain extent.

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