Every child of India should follow these things of Chanakya, no one will be able to stop them from coming to the top

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Chanakya was a famous economist, diplomat and politician of the Maurya Empire. He is also known as Kautilya. Chanakya's Niti Shastra is a treasure trove of brilliant thoughts that guide various aspects of life. Assimilating these thoughts can help children lead a successful and meaningful life.

Today we are telling you about some such thoughts of Chanakya, by adopting which your child can become a good person and get the strength to face the challenges of life. So let's know what children get to learn from Chanakya.

What do kids call Chanakya?

Vidya Dhanam Sarvasvam, Pramaadam Cha Nirarthakam. This proverb implies that education is the most valuable asset of life. It is difficult to achieve success without knowledge. Children should understand that education is a lifelong learning process and with its help you get respect to move ahead in life.

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hard work is the key to success

This quote teaches children that success is not achieved without hard work. Effort and perseverance are necessary to achieve the goal. Children should learn not to give up on failures and keep moving forward with determination. If you want to be successful in your life, then you will definitely have to work hard for it.

Humility brings wisdom, and humility brings respect

Humility brings wisdom, and humility brings respect

This quote by Chanakya underlines the importance of humility. He explains that knowledge and respect are gained only when a person is humble. An arrogant person can neither learn nor gain respect. Children should learn to be humble and listen to others carefully.

There is no friend who can support you in your bad times

There is no friend who can support you in your bad times

True friendship is one that stays with you in good and bad times. Chanakya advises not to make friends with people who inspire you to do bad things. True friends are those who celebrate your success and inspire you to become a better person.

Apart from this, Chanakya says that anger is man's biggest enemy. Anger weakens the decision-making ability and increases the possibility of mistakes. Children should learn to control their anger and face situations with a calm mind.

Make good use of time

Make good use of time

Chanakya says that proper use of time paves the way to success. Time is a precious commodity. Children should learn punctuality and try to complete their work on time. They should understand that wasting time makes it difficult to achieve goals.

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