Europe tour became more expensive; Schengen visa fee increased by 12 percent

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale - Senior Editor
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The European Commission has announced a global increase in short-term Schengen visa fees, effective from 11 June. This decision will increase the cost of a Schengen visa (Visa Type C) by 12 percent, which will impact travelers planning to visit Europe.

Under the new fee structure, the fee for adult applicants will increase from the current Euro 80 to Euro 90. The fee for children aged 6 to under 12 years will increase from Euro 40 to Euro 45. This increase applies to visa applications submitted worldwide.

The Schengen visa allows travel to 27 European countries, including popular tourist destinations such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The fee adjustment aims to address the rising costs of visa processing and maintain the security of the Schengen Area.

The last fee update was implemented in February 2020, when the adult visa fee was increased from 60 euros to 80 euros. The European Commission justified the latest increase by citing inflation and the need to cover the administrative costs associated with the visa process, including background checks, data processing and maintaining secure entry systems.

The new fee will be 90 euros for adults and 45 euros for children aged 6 to 12 years. These increases are part of a broader effort to ensure that the costs of visa processing and security measures are adequately covered.

Applicants from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus must pay 35 euros, and applicants from Cabo Verde must pay 60 euros.

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