Employment, Defence, Technology… which sectors will Modi Government 3.0 focus on?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: PM Modi is ready to take charge of the country once again. Modi is going to take oath as Prime Minister for the third time. Taking big decisions in the third term can be very challenging for Modi. Actually, this time BJP is not forming the government on its own. The government is going to be formed with the support of NDA allies. BJP has emerged as the largest party in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, but the party has suffered a big loss of 63 seats compared to 2019. The BJP-led NDA alliance has got 292 seats. Let us know on which sectors PM Modi will focus in the government that is going to be formed with the support of NDA constituents.

Special attention will have to be given to employment and agriculture sector

Political experts say that PM Modi will have to pay special attention to employment and agriculture sector in his third term. Actually, these two reasons have been very important behind the huge decline in BJP's seats. Opposition parties have been constantly attacking BJP and PM Modi on the issue of employment and the paper leak scandal also caused a lot of embarrassment to BJP. On the other hand, the anger of farmers against BJP is also not hidden from anyone. It is the anger of farmers due to which BJP's rural vote bank share has decreased significantly this time. This time the Modi government will try to please the farmers by taking good and big decisions in the agriculture sector. Along with this, it can also try to attract the youth by increasing recruitment in government jobs.

Prosperity, Defense, Trade India Train

Prime Minister Modi said that the people of the country will see India's infrastructure at new heights in the coming 5 years, the coming five years will be for the rejuvenation of Indian Railways, the coming five years will be for the expansion of trains from bullet trains to Vande Bharat trains. He further said, 'The coming five years will be for the unprecedented use of waterways, in the coming five years you will see India's Defense Expo creating new records. In the coming year, you will see a new flight of India's space sector. You will see the success of Gaganyaan, in the coming 5 years you will see the emergence of new sectors for the youth of the country.' In his third term, the PM will try to further strengthen the defense sector under Atmanirbhar Bharat. Political experts say that on the request of NDA allies, PM Modi can take a big decision regarding 'Army Agniveer Recruitment'. Actually, there is a lot of anger among the youth about this recruitment system.

Modi's special focus will be on 'Make in India'

'Make in India' has been Modi's biggest economic project, and he is promoting it with unceasing zeal despite the various challenges faced by India's service-based economy in the manufacturing industries. His manufacturing drive is also linked to India's export growth and job creation. As the UBS report talks about supply-side reforms, the government is expected to boost manufacturing with ambitious new laws, tax reforms, new incentives, trade agreements, indigenisation and tariff reforms to improve the ease of doing business and boost private capital expenditure as well as attract foreign investors.

AI and the Space Industry

The Modi government may give special attention to the semiconductor industry in its third term. PM Modi laid the foundation of three manufacturing and assembly facilities in Dholera and Sanand in Gujarat and Morigaon in Assam this year. Along with promoting chip manufacturers with incentives and other benefits, the government is also trying to promote small ancillary industries to build the entire ecosystem. Similar emphasis is expected in the space industry which is already on the path of rapid growth. Small startups riding on innovation in this sector will get a boost. Other new age technological areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and electric vehicles will also get a big boost.

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