East Turkistan government-in-exile calls on US Senate to immediately pass Uyghur Policy Act without delay

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale - Senior Editor
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The East Turkistan Government in Exile (ETGE) has called on the US Senate to pass the Urgent Uyghur Policy Act, to establish a special coordinator for Uyghur issues within the US State Department. The people of East Turkistan have been advocating for such a status since 1997, and demanding parity with Tibet in US policy.

On February 20, 2024, leading a coalition of 60 East Turkistan and diaspora Uyghur organizations, ETGE presented a joint letter to Congress calling for the recognition of East Turkistan as an occupied country that suffered Chinese colonialism, urging acceptance and calling for the prompt passage of the Uyghur Policy Act, read the ETGE press release.

“We urge the US Senate to act swiftly and decisively. The Uyghur Policy Act is not just a piece of legislation; it is a lifeline for millions of people suffering from China's brutal occupation of East Turkistan,” said Salih Hudayar, ETGE's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Security.

The recent passage of the Resolve Tibet Act by the US Senate has brought a ray of hope for both Tibetans and East Turkistan. However, there remains a clear inconsistency in US policy stance on East Turkistan and Tibet.

In addition to passing the Uyghur Policy Act, ETGE urges Congress to expedite and pass the East Turkistan Solution Act, just like the Tibet Solution Act. Such legislation would strengthen the US commitment to addressing the root causes of the humanitarian crisis in East Turkistan and to support the East Turkistan people's pursuit of justice and external self-determination.

ETGE also calls on the US to counter misinformation spread by the Chinese government and the CCP about East Turkistan. This includes correcting historical narratives and using the original name East Turkistan instead of the Chinese colonial term “Xinjiang (new region or colony).”

The urgent need to address the root cause of the ongoing Uyghur genocide in East Turkistan cannot be underestimated. At the root of this crisis is Chinese colonialism and occupation. ETGE urges Congress to introduce and adopt a resolution recognizing East Turkistan as an occupied country, similar to US policy with regard to Tibet.

“The US Congress has a historic opportunity to lead the international community in standing up for justice, human rights, and self-determination. “By passing the Uyghur Policy Act and recognizing the plight of East Turkistan, they can help end the ongoing Uyghur genocide and support our pursuit of freedom and self-determination consistent with existing US policies like the Captive Nations Law,” the President said. Dr. Mamtimin Ala said of the East Turkistan government-in-exile.

The East Turkistan Government in Exile is committed to advocating for the rights and freedoms of the people of East Turkistan and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that their voice is heard and their plight is paid attention to on the global stage.

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