Earlier there was a dearth of films at the box office, but after the Lok Sabha elections and IPL, there will be a tough competition on the screen.

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For the last few months, due to the Lok Sabha elections and IPL 2024, filmmakers were avoiding releasing their films. Due to this, there was a famine of films at the box office. But now in the coming days, everyone is in a hurry to release their film, due to which there is going to be a clash between many big films. Many big films will be released on the screen simultaneously and it will be interesting to see a fierce competition between them. There has been a famine of films at the box office for the last two months. Actually, due to IPL first and then elections, filmmakers were continuously postponing the release of their films. But the IPL final is at the end of this month. The election process will also stop in the first week of June. After this, filmmakers are going to be seen in full form. The enthusiasm of film lovers can be gauged from the fact that till now the producers who were avoiding releasing even a good film on one release date, are now preparing to release many films on one release date. This is the reason why the clash of films is going to start once again at the box office in the coming months. This means that fans and movie lovers who have been waiting for the release of the movies till now are going to get lots of options for entertainment.

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There will be many clashes in June-July

As soon as the month of June begins, the box office clash will begin in full swing. Rajkumar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor's Mr. and Mrs. Mahi is releasing on the 31st of this month. Opposite this, cartoon films for children Chhota Bheem and Curse of Daaman are also going to be released in theaters. To challenge these two films, Divya Khosla's film Saavi is also releasing. While in the second week of June, Kartik Aryan's much-awaited film Chandu Champion will be released. Opposite this film, Sanjay Dutt starrer South Cinema's film Double Smart will also be released. At the same time, there will be a clash between three films in the first week of July. During this time, Ajay Devgan's film Aur Mein Kahan Dum Tha is releasing. To challenge it, Janhvi Kapoor's Ullas will be released. Also, the thriller film Kill will also be released on the same release date. Kamal Haasan's film Indian 2 will be released in the second week of July. Akshay Kumar's film Sarfira will be released opposite it, whose release has been postponed several times. Both these films will face a tough challenge from John Abraham's film Veda.

It will be a confrontation

31st May
Mr. and Mrs. Mahi
Chhota Bheem and the curse of Damayan
14 June
Double Smart
Chandu Champion
5th July
Where were the courage in others?
12th July
indian 2

'The film industry will suffer'

According to film industry experts, the box office has been completely cold for the last several months. In such a situation, fans are eagerly waiting for good content. This is the reason why many producers want to bring their films to theaters as soon as possible to capitalize on this desire. Even if they have to clash with each other for this. Producer and film business analyst Girish Johar says that in the months of April and May, there was a famine of films at the box office due to poor release planning of filmmakers. During this time, many filmmakers postponed the release date of their films due to elections. But now after the elections are over, everyone wants to release their film as soon as possible. Due to this they are ready to clash with each other. According to Girish, 'I have always believed that filmmakers should avoid clashing with each other's films. If two or three big films are released opposite each other due to a poor release calendar, then ultimately the film industry suffers.

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